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To start a prayer up facing the qiblah raising both hands
opposite the ears and with the intention to perform the prayer
both in your heart and tongue,conclude by saying
allahuakbar,lowering your hands untill they rest on your chest
or dangle at both sides you begin raising your hands when you
begin reading the TAKBIR and you finish the TAKBIR, just
when your hands reach your chest formulating the intention is
call NIYYAH and the TAKBIR is called TAKBIR OF IHRAM i.e
the intitial TAKBIR and this posture is cal QIYAM.
-Allah has achieved what he had promised you.
-he granted you victory over disbelivers
-your truth has overtaken their falsehood
-the call of islam has found its way to the heart of people,so
they entered the religion of allah in troops,clans,and tribes.
-those people were your enemies who drove you from your
native land and gained were able to punish them.
-they came to you willing by open heartedly to embrace islam
-it is not a great favour of Allah
-Whether the refusal of the prophet to the proposal of the
unbelivers was before or after the revelation if the Sura,the
prophet used his own discretion and foresight.
-he absolutely rejected them compromise which was based on
ignorance and short sight
-in matter of Surah a savious decision,allah used to adrress
the prophet with 'say' as a direct guidance and decisive
-he already commanded Muhammed to say "He is allah,the
(i)one of the companion of the prophet sought good advice
from the prophet.
(ii)he was fold again and again "not to be angry" you know
anger takes away the sense of discretion from man and leads
him to talk and act unreasonably.
(iii)in a moment of anger people commit many serous sins.
(iv)so anger is the enemy of man which every body should
avoid be cautions and abstain from.
(i) it purify some one heart and property away from selfishness
and greediness of wealth
ii) it promote equality in between human beings (poor and
((iii) it reduces suffering,hunger,poverty and pain in any
societies or country
(iv) It is a rewardable act for any muslim who perform it
v) it mitigate to a minimum the suffering of the needy and
poor in the society.
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