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Experiment to compare the porosity and water holding capacity
Grind loam and clay soil into fine particles, after drying in the sun. Equal masses of the dry, dry clay and dry loam are place seperately into three funnels which are blocked at the neck with cotton wool. The three funnels containing different types of soil are then placed on top of the three measuring cylinders. Then quickly pour equal amount of water into the funnels, containing each soil type. Then leave for an hour
i)I will ensure th three funnels containing different types of soil are placed on top of the three measuring cylinders
ii)I will ensure equal amount of water is quickly poured into the funnels containing th soil type
-sandy soil
Because the porosity is high in sandy soil because of large pores spaces and larger particles sizes

2a) Specimen A_ Ranging pole.

(i) it is made of wood with pointed steel ends.
(ii)it is painted white and red.
(iii)it is about 2m long.
(I) it is used to remark distance .
(ii)it is used to mark definite points.
(iii)it is used to achieve straight lines.
(iv)it can also help to determine right angles during surveying.
2b)I) specimen A
(i)clean thorI oughly after used.
(ii)keep away from moisture.
(iii)keep away from termites
ii) Specimen b.
i)it should be clean properly after used.
(ii)it should be stored in a good place.
(iii)it should be kept away from moisture
iii) Specimen c:
(i)clean properly after used.
(ii)dry properly to avoid rust.
(iii)it should be kept away from moisture.

(iv)store in good place.


G is a grasshopper H is a bean beetle 3aii. Vegetables are damaged by G Grasshoppers and beans are damaged by H bean beetle
i)damage crops by feeding on crop plants in the field or by infesting stored products
ii)indirect damage by spreading viral diseases of crop plants and
spreading disease among humans and

iii)Serves as food for livestock


-Animal feed industry
-ceramic Industry
-pharmaceutical industry
-paint industries
-pharmaceutical industries
-cosmetic industries
-it causes loss of weight
-it causes loss of appetite
-it causes anaemia
-it damges some internal organs
-it prevent respiration
-by dipping the animal
-by drenching
-by clearing bushes around
-by giving the animal injection


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A: sandy soil
B: loamy soil
C: clayey soil
D: granite
E: NPK 15 : 15 (labelled)
F: wood ash (unsieved)
G: limestone (labelled)
H: cow dung
I: wheelbarraw
J; file
K: palm oil
L: cotton lint
M: liverfluke
N: tick
O: feather
P: apid (live/preserved,diagram,photograph)
Q: cowpea seeds
R: coconut fruit
S: tridax
T: chicken

U: tilapia fish

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