Friday, 2 March 2018

Sophia Momodu Davido's Baby Mama advices a confused pregnant lady

Davido’s first baby mama Sophia Momodu shared the advice she gave to one of her followers who sought an advice from her on how to overcome and still live happy as a single pregnant lady on Instagram. The follower revealed she’s 25, and she’s pregnant for her boyfriend and has no idea whatsoever on how to keep her baby, with all the pressure from society.
Here’s the message she wrote to Sophia:
“Good afternoon, Please I really admire your strength. Please can I ask you a very personal question that is related to me as well. I want to know how you could keep your baby, with all the pressure from society.”
“Right now am 25, and am pregnant for my boyfriend. Am so confused, he asked me to keep it. Am an only child, my mum is late and my dad has another family.”
I don’t know how am going to cope. Please am just asking, how did you overcome and still live your life.”
Below is Sophia Momodu response;
“I honesty don’t know what I’d have done with myself if I didn’t have the kind of support system (family & friends) I have, through our my pregnancy and afterwards, even though 95% of my family & friends found out via social media after I had my baby……”
 “Most of them just wanted to know I was ok, some were mad at me but eventually got over it…
1. I’d say if you do keep your baby, don’t keep your pregnancy a secret from family, (it does things to your mind eventually can’t go into details now lol).
2. Don’t let anybody shame you. Nobody has the how to live life right handbook.
3. Educate yourself on post partnum depression cos it’s a hell of a ride especially if you’re clueless (it’s real af!)……
4. Focus on your baby by trying to stay happy no matter what (you don’t want a moody baby & trust me, a happy baby makes it easier on those hard days).
5. Pray, speak positive words into your new journey it goes a long way.
6. Keep. your head up (it’s no longer about you). Tough times don’t last. Don’t worry boo Gods got you. One time my best friend told me God pays special attention to the prayer of a pregnant woman. I swear I think it’s true. I’m praying for you & I hope you have an easy deliver (Big Hugs!)
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Nigerian boy suffers severe body reaction after during juice (Photos)

Chibuikem Nwadike developed a reaction that nearly led to his death after consuming a pack of juice and he got so sick that his eyes were bloodshot red, his lips were badly bruised and bleeding, his skin was also bruised and bleeding. He was admitted to the hospital in the first week of December 2017 where the doctors found out he was allergic to the juice and that led to him suffering from Steven Johnson Syndrome.

His mother, Ifunanya Nwadike shared the news and photos of what her son Chibuike went through as she marked his birthday on Facebookthanking God for his life. The handsome child is better now according to his mother but photos show that his lips and skin are still slightly scarred.
The Doctors and nurses that treated him thought he will not survive it but, miraculously, he did
Ifunanya Nwadike shared her son’s photos and wrote;
My hrtrob, my Prince Charming, my pride, my joy, my strong man, #Godsfavourite,first week of December he was admitted in the hospital for taking a substance we never knew he was allergic to which resulted to STEVEN JOHNSON SYNDROME,who would have taught he would make it, even the doctors and the nurses didn’t believe in his survival but praised God for it, it was a very sorrowful time in the family, everyone kept crying for the fear of survival,but the God of the Nwadikes never put us to shame(with God ALL things are possible) the great physician magnified himself and we exalted him, today mummy’s love is +1,friends join me to wish my pride a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and my prayers is that you will excel in every area of life, God’s grace, blessings,favour,healing,will never depart from your life,your path will forever be guided by the almighty and more money into your account son
We love you to the 🌙 and 🔙
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Unemployed Nigerian lady and victim of a toxic relationship commits suicide

A 37-year-old lady simply identified as Banke, committed suicide last Sunday. According to her friend, Esther Ijewere, Banke became depressed when things were working for her, she couldn’t get a job for years and was in a violent relationship for two years before locking herself up in a room and took Sniper.
Ijewere wrote;
”She was 37
No job
Nothing was working
Was in a violent relationship for two years before taking a walk
She loved life and fought hard to make a living
She got tired of life and got very depressed
 Locked herself up in the room on Sunday and took her own life with “sniper”
She was my friend
Return if possible Banke
Depression is real, don’t ever judge a situation you’ve never lived…”
See how some people reacted to the news below;
God please heal every depressed soul out there this things are real,check on people,encourage people,ask your friends if they are ok forget that “if you no hail me I no go hail you talk”!! People are going through hard times and these our generation won’t let them talk because you all are painting the “my life is perfect “picture #restwell 🙏🏻😭
Truth is. Living in these times prompts one to be wild and tough to face the odds. Depression it a break took. It 1st tests your capacity to withstand the odds and continue with life or pack up. Once the depression graph starts sloping, you have an emergency and must self heal immediately. See yourself as a soldier who must fight to win a medal in the end. Treat unpleasant situations with a positive mindset. For me, I always say to myself, ‘I did not beg to be born thus, head or tail, I must win.
Always check on people you love depression is a real issue and we always think someone that is depressed is just seeking attention.,… We need to always ask questions and always know what going on in the life’s may her soul rest in peace…
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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Ben Enwonwu’s “Tutu” Painting found after Decades, Auctioned for £1.2m

The famous work of renowned Nigerian artist Ben Enwonwu that has been missing for decades has finally been found in a London home and was put up for auction today, BBC reports.
The iconic portrait named Tutu was a 1974 painting of Adetutu Ademiluyi, an Ife royal princess, and was auctioned in London at 101 New Bond Street London at 5.00 p.m. London time, and in Lagos at Wheatbaker Hotel, Ikoyi, at 6.00 p.m. Lagos time simultaneously. It sold for £1.2 million (1.4 million euros, $1.7 million), exceeding estimates and setting a record for the artist.
Enwonwu painted two other versions of Tutu but all three were lost.
The paintings gained fame not only for their beauty but also for their disappearance. The discovery is partly thanks to the efforts of Giles Peppiatt, Director of African art at Bonhams, who for years made it his mission to find the paintings.
At the auction, he said:
The portrait of Tutu is a national icon in Nigeria and of huge cultural significance. It is very exciting to have played a part in the discovery and sale of this remarkable work.
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Davido talks about Collaboration Aspirations & Friendship with Cristiano Ronaldo on Goal Playlist | Watch on BN TV

On the latest episode of Goal Playlist, Nigerian artiste Davido talks to the sports channel about his friendship with Cristiano Ronaldo, his love for Nigeria and how Victor Moses invited him to meet the Chelsea players.
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Skepta & Naomi Campbell are on Fire on the cover of GQ

Skepta and Naomi Campbell continue to spark dating rumours as they cover the new issue of British GQ.
The musician, 35, and the supermodel, 47, were rumoured to be dating and were said to have spent a few nights together at the Paris Fashion Week.
On the cover of GQ, Campbell is seen sitting topless and wearing a pair of Mains boxers, a clothing company founded by Skepta.
Skepta, on the cover, lies on his side while staring at the supermodel.
Campbell shared a teaser photo of the shoot on her Instagram, the two nude and pressed together.

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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

BBNaija 2018: Nigerians react to Bambam having sex with Teddy A in toilet

Big Brother Naija 2018 Housemate Teddy A has come under attack for having sex with Bambam in the toilet
Both housemates were caught Monday night having sex in the toilet not knowing there were cameras there.
This got viewers lashing at Teddy A for show of disrespect.
They also recalled a time in the house when Teddy A told housemates he would not have sex in the house with Bambam because he respects her for condemning Miracle and Nina.
Here are some comments:
@laki “And I woke up to this TeddyBam knacking things and I wonder how will grown up fellas choose to knack in a PUBLIC TOILET.. Because as far as am concern, that toilet for 20 niggas issa public one..
@mercy “self controlled man teddyA and pastor’s daughter bambam having sex in the toilet, #bbnajia toilet show of shame. I just hate dem
@berbieklaus Team Teddy A respects BamBam he won’t have sex with her on live TV, Y’all forget it’s a game #BBNajia
@tyheek “Your alpha male was caught in d toilet knacking Holy mother Bambam dis morning #BBNaija
@augustlaw “So some Bamteddys fan are now saying “atleast their sex game is strong”
HYPOCRITES ,To think the Alpha male is lying in the house about respecting her brand..
Alpha male hiding inside toilet to straff, tueehh.
@Deeoffishal “Teddy A: “I respect Bambam…I respect her brand..Oga we see how much you respect her. Knacking her in d toilet anyhow
@tweetoracle “When Miracle & Nina made love, the Internet BROKE and they were called all sorts of irresponsible names.
“Teddy A knacks BamBam in the toilet of all places and his fans be like, at least he aint a 1 min man
@hopematthew “this bambam girl is so shameless
@mercy_nwa “self controlled man teddyA and pastor’s daughter bambam having sex in the toilet, #bbnajia toilet show of shame. I just hate dem
@elenwo “I see people criticizing BamTeddy for having sex in the toilet.. I want to know and understand where it is written that sex in the toilet is bad, it is worse of you to judge when probably you do same .. I mean .#BBNajia

Watch & Download Video Below:

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Monday, 26 February 2018

Police IG Orders Nationwide Mop Up Of Illegal Firearms – Issues 21-Day Ultimatum

The Inspector General of Police, Mr. Ibrahim Idris Kpotum has ordered commissioners across the 36 states of the country and the Federal Capital Territory to embark on immediate, mass mop up of prohibited firearms in the hands of individuals and groups.
It would be recalled that the Lagos State Police Command has also issued a two-week ultimatum to individuals with ‘pump action firearm’ and other guns to submit their arms licences for verification and re-validation.

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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Pastor strangles pregnant lover, kills two others to conceal affair

Pastor strangles pregnant lover, kills two others to conceal affair
In a bid to hide his alleged amorous relationship with a 25-year-old member of his church, a pastor, Chidiebere Okoroafor, has allegedly murdered three persons and an unborn child in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.
The 32-year-old pastor and preacher at Altar of Solution Church based in Oyigbo area of the city was recently arrested by men of the Rivers State Police Command for the alleged crime, which also led to the death of a nine-month-old baby.
Those allegedly killed by the cleric are Concilia Ezeawa and Uluoma Onweagba, who was carrying a five-month pregnancy before her death. While the cleric strangled Ezeawa in an uncompleted building, the pregnant Onweagba was killed in a bush during the serial murder that happened on December 11, 2017.
The nine-month-old baby, Christabel Joseph, was strapped to the back of the pregnant Onweagba even though Ezeawa was the actual mother. Saturday PUNCH learnt that the baby hit her head on the ground and died when the pastor allegedly pushed Onweagba to the ground.
Pastor Okoroafor, who hails from Arochukwu in Abia State, was said to have committed the offence in his desperate attempt to hide the fact that he had impregnated 25-year-old Onweagba.
It was gathered that the Rivers State Police Command began to suspect the pastor when it got information from one of the neighbours of the deceased that they (Ezeawa and Onweagba) had been missing since they said they were going to see him (pastor) to sort out a matter bordering on pregnancy.
Speaking with journalists on Friday at the State Police Command in Port Harcourt, the Deputy State Commissioner of Police in charge of administration, Cyril Okoro, said, “The case started unfolding on December 11, 2017. At about 11am, the whereabouts of Concilia Ezeawa, Christabel Joseph and Uluoma Onweagba (all female) became unknown to their families.
“This resulted in the lodging of a formal complaint on their disappearance at the Afam Divisional Headquarters. After a preliminary investigation by the police, coupled with a diligent search by members of the community, the decomposing body of Uluoma Onweagba and Christabel Joseph (baby) were discovered in a bush along the Afam-Igberu Road on December 13, 2017.
“Their corpses were immediately evacuated and deposited at the mortuary pending further investigation. On December 18, 2017, the decomposing corpse of the real mother of the baby, Concilia Ezeawa, was recovered in an uncompleted building in Izuoma community in Oyigbo Local Government Area. The corpse, which was at an advanced stage of decomposition, was evacuated and deposited at the mortuary pending further police investigation.
“The pastor, who was said to have been involved in amorous relationship with one of the deceased, Onweagba, was invited and interrogated about the murders of the victims.

“He was subsequently detained, as his explanations were not convincing, particularly compared to the information at the disposal of investigators that the deceased persons had, on December 11, 2017, informed neighbours that they were going to see the pastor over a pregnancy issue involving Onweagba.”
DCP Okoro said the pastor later confessed to the crime after he was confronted with overwhelming evidence linking him to the murders of the deceased persons.
Okoroafor allegedly took advantage of the trust the two members of his church had in him to lure them to an uncompleted building and inside the bush respectively, before killing them.
The pastor, according to Okoro, first lured Ezeawa to an uncompleted building, telling the other person (pregnant Onweagba) to wait some distance away. He added that unknown to the pregnant lady, the pastor had killed her neighbour.
He said after strangling Ezeawa in the uncompleted building, he (pastor) joined Onweagba along Afam Road, where they both took a commercial tricycle to Afam Roundabout.
Okoro said, “They again took a commercial motorcycle to an isolated farm on Igberu Road where he took her through a track road and gruesomely murdered her in the bush, with the baby strapped to her back.
“She (pregnant Onweagba) was suffocated with the wrapper she used in strapping the baby to her back. The baby was also found dead.”
Okoro said the suspect’s confessional statement took detectives to the various scenes, during which he narrated how he killed the victims.
The police officer also said that an autopsy had since been carried out on the victims.
 “The murders were premeditated, callous and devoid of sympathy,” Okoro said, adding that the pastor will soon be charged to court.
However, when confronted with the allegations against him, the pastor told journalists that his action was not intentional. The suspect pleaded with the police to help appeal to the families of those he killed to forgive him. He also told journalists that he had a vision that he would be taken to court soon.
 “I want the family of Uluoma and Mr. Joseph (father of the nine-month-old baby, Christabel) to forgive me. I want the police to help me to apologise to the families of those I killed. It was not intentional,” he said.
Meanwhile, our correspondent gathered that the Altar of Solution Church had been shut down, as members of the church who heard about the incident had since dissociated themselves from the church.
  Copyright PUNCH.
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Friday, 23 February 2018

Breaking News: Dragon Flew Away With Our Newly World Bank Loaned Money $486 Million – Lai Mohammad, Presidency

Another information is coming in that a dragon have made away with $486 million, a loan given to Nigeria by world bank
This was revealed to newsmen by Lai Muhammad minutes after the money was received from world bank, on landing the Nigerian soil, the money was made away by unknown dragon.
Briefing Newsmen after Plenary, Lai Muhammad said that since the money could not be accounted for, or on his bank account the money was transfer into, maybe this time Dragon have made away with the money.
He said;
“I think, this country is becoming a huge joke. First of all, it was the rodents that drove away the president and then we now have snakes consuming about N36 million and now we have monkeys raiding farmhouse. So, they don’t want this to be said but I believe that we should be very clear.”
This is coming after a shocking confession of an official of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB, which claimed that a mysterious snake allegedly swallowed N36 million naira, from the Board’s vault, which she made from the sale of scratch cards, another that of a monkey which swallowed 70 million naira.
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Davido says he can't wait to get to heaven

Davido says he can't wait to get to heaven the pictures above is how he said it in his twitter handle
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Who do we believe between the military and the Governor of Yobe concerning the #DapchiGirls?  - Ben Bruce

Senator Ben Bruce has reacted to the conflicting reports regarding the abducted 72 girls in Yobe State.

According to the common-sense Senator, 'who do we believe between the military and the Governor of Yobe concerning the #DapchiGirls? The Federal Government through the military say they have been rescued. The Governor says it is a lie. Meanwhile, foreign media are making a mockery of us!'.
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VIDEO: Rudeboy – Somebody Baby

Rudeboy dishes out the visuals to his latest offering “Somebody Baby”. The cinematic visuals features a cameo appearance from Nollywood superstar – Jim Iyke.
Watch and Enjoy!
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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Nigerian lady who was accused of trying to snatch her best friend's husband, replies!

A Nigerian woman took to Facebook to accuse her best friend of trying to "snatch" her husband and children after she accommodated her in her matrimonial home (read here). The best friend has now replied.

Rachael Daniel said she housed Rita Abba and even tried to help her get a job but Rita turned around to try to scatter her marriage. She said she succeeded initially and she separated from her husband. However, her husband later came back begging.

Rita has now spoken. In her reply, she called Rachael a "stripper" and "prostitute" and accused her of a lot of things.
Read her reply below.

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'Thank you for making me the luckiest man on earth. You were worth the wait' - BankyW celebrates wife, Adesua Etomi on her birthday today

Nollywood actress Adesua Etomi is a year older today and her husband, Banky W took to Instagram to celebrate her with loving words. Sharing photos from their lavish wedding in 2017, he wrote;
Today is #BaeDay... Susu.. on the inside and out, you are UNQUESTIONABLY the most beautiful person I know. Thank you for making me the luckiest man on earth. Thank you for loving me, and being my backbone. Thank you for going on this journey with me and making the past few months, unquestionably, the best of my life. You mean the world to me and I love you more than words could ever properly express. As the whole world celebrates you today, I pray that God will bless, protect and guide you. May He enlarge your coasts, grant you heart's desires, and overwhelm you with His Grace and Favour. Happy birthday Mrs W. You were worth the wait.
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