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Music: Alade Unique ft Tee Bright - Follow Me

Alade Unique Olaniyi is a vibrant acts who invariably effortlessly sings with a sonorous voice that will pull you at your heart strings and speak to your souls; In other words, Alade “Unique” makes catchy music.

Alade “Unique” is on a Journey to make himself known, take over the music scenes and win the hearts of music lovers with his uniqueness. 

Alade “Unique” is influenced by  genres such as Afro-Pop, Afro-fusion, Pop; Rnb, and Hiphop. ‘Unique’ is here again  to release a highly listenable and heartfelt song titled, “Follow me” featuring The wale crooner, Tee Bright.Follow me’  is mixed and mastered by Tbad.

May 10, 2019

Let The Authorities Arrest Us, If We Have Stolen - Nigerian State Governor

“When they get there, let them cancel all the contracts we have signed.

Abiola Ajimobi, governor of Oyo state, has asked the authorities to arrest him if they find him wanting of misappropriation at the expiration of his tenure in 18 days.

Ajimobi made the comments on Thursday at a public lecture and fellowship investiture organised by Society for Peace Studies and Practice at the Subomi Balogun Conference Centre, University of Ibadan.

He said: “We will work till the last day of this administration. We don’t care about what some people are saying all about… As I am talking to you today, this administration still has 18 days and some hours to expire.

“When they get there, let them cancel all the contracts we have signed. Let them investigate us and if we have stolen, they should arrest us.”

“We have given our best to the state and we will continue to do this. The feats recorded by our administration placed Oyo as one of the five safest havens of investment in the country.

“We are also the fourth investment-friendly state in Nigeria according to the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics; with a four-star rating for investment friendliness by the Nigerian Export Promotions Commission.”

In March, Seyi Makinde, the incoming governor, accused Ajimobi of awarding N30 billion worth of contracts in a single day.

He vowed to review all the contracts signed by the outgoing governor when he takes over.

May 10, 2019

Twin Sister Growing Out Of A 14yrs Old Girls Chest With Complete Two Arms And Fingers

Veronica Cominguez, 14, was born with a ‘twin’ which did not develop properly but continued to somehow grow inside her

A TEENAGE girl in Thailand has a “parasitic twin” growing out of her chest, complete with two extra arms and fingers.

Now 14-year-old Veronica Cominguez from Iligan City, in the Philippines, is finally going to get the help she needs.

She was born with surplus limbs and an oblong-shaped torso which belonged to a parasitic twin which did not develop properly.

The extra parts continued to grow and Veronica even cleans her living ”twin” and cuts their finger nails for them.

Locals have now raised money for her to fly to neighbouring Thailand for an operation to remove them.

Veronica said: ”When I was little, I thought it was just a foot but as I grew up, it became bigger

”It’s heavy, it limits my movement. It keeps swinging. My dress often gets wet.”

Veronica’s mother, Flora Cominguez, said their family has a history of twins.

She was not able to see a doctor during her pregnancy but knew she was having twins – and even named both.

Flora said that Veronica’s navel would always get wet because of the liquid that comes out of it.

She added: ”The liquid that comes out of the opening smells bad, like human excretion.”

According to Veronica’s doctor, the extra limbs can be removed through a simple operation.

Dr Beda Espineda, a paediatric surgeon at the Philippine Children’s Medical Center, said: ”Most of these cases can be removed.

“Because, usually, the body structures involved are not vital.

“Most of them are just attached to the skin or bones. For surgeons, it is easy to remove.”

Veronica is now waiting to have her ”twin” removed as soon as possible.

May 09, 2019

Three Nigerians Cruses To Death And One Injured In Auto Crash

According to report two persons sitting by the roadside were Monday crushed to death by a car after it lost control.

The incident which involved a 2016 Peugeot with registration number AA 706 PKM, occurred at about 5pm at Gaggaba village in Fune Local Government Area of Yobe State.

Malam Garba Mohammed, an eyewitness said, “the accident happened due to over speeding leading the car to skid off the road and crushing two persons that were sitting by the roadside.

“The driver of the vehicle also died in the accident with one other person seriously injured”.

The victims were said to have been buried at Gaggaba village graveyard today, Tuesday according to Islamic rites, while the injured person is in the hospital receiving medical treatment.

The fatal accident occurred at a time the Federal Road Safety (FRSC) in the state have repeatedly warned motorists against over eeding and to always observe traffic rules and regulations in order to minimize the rate of accidents leading to loss of lives and property.

May 09, 2019

Ladies Make Hay While The Sun Shines [Must Read]

During your 20s, men are trooping and everyone wants to marry you. They are all over you. Your WhatsApp doesn’t rest. Your messenger is filled up. If you breath on Facebook, you will get 400 likes and 350 comments.

You can’t walk on the street without ssshhh ssshhh. Your breasts are very comely at this time. Your lips are succulent and your legs are smooth. Even if you are ugly, it doesn’t show much at this level of your life because everything is still standing tall. The backside is still very nicely shaped and bouncing properly.

Now, the mistake most of the ladies make is this:
1. At this level, you easily dump guys in relationship. Any little thing, you break up. In your mind, there are many fishes in the ocean. Over 20 other guys are bothering you for relationship, so you can easily hook up with another guy. After six months, you break up again and start another one.

You are like hot akara. You cannot bend down and build a solid relationship nor learn how to tolerate a man and work on your own self. At this age, feminism dey shack you well. You no send anybody. You no wan hear advice at all. For your mind, this kind post na rubbish.

2. At this level, some ladies want to show everything: the boobs are still standing, so she can snap to show it. The buttocks are nice, so she can display it anyhow. You sell the romantic skin like akara.
Every guy in the neighborhood is coming to take his own share. Even married men are collecting their own. Everyone is collecting and walking away. For your mind, marriage no go hard.

3. At this point, you don’t lack anything. Men are giving you all you need. You’re not working but your airtime is never below 10k on the phone. Shoes and classic clothes are unaccountable in your wardrobe, yet you are not doing any job. Life is beautiful and that’s exactly how your life is depreciating with speed.

A time will finally come when your age has really increased very well. The boobs are needing pillar support and the buttocks are no longer comely anymore but rather ‘loosing’, the face has a lot of pimples and holes. Many things have gone wrong. The tummy is out by the day, your local government is beginning to have some kind of mature odour and the armpits are darker. The waist tires are forming with speed.

At this point, days turn to months and month turn to years. It will always look nearly, but something will just happen, the guy will disappear. You will start following another guy with hope for marriage, like play like play, that one go just chop you run away.
The fear and worry of menopause will even make you age faster. By this time, all the multiple guys you slept with both the ones from a cursed family and the ones from ancestral curses, when you were lifting your legs to the ceiling and twisting your body like snake in bed. All those things that make guys rush after you are gone like a movie.

At this time, you become emergency Muslimot/Christian. All your posts are about Almighty God and Mosque/church things. Any comment you make, Almighty God must enter. Even when football is being discussed you must find a way to add Almighty God to it. For your mind, you dey deceive guys abi? You want them to see wife material in you.
Suddenly you learn manners, all the multiple people you had relations with, the battle is now more spiritual than physical. All the curses married women were laying on you for sleeping with their husbands are now controlling your life. Not even Mary Kay can remove all that mess!
At 40, a guy is still young but a lady of 35 is more like a “Muslim/Christian mother.”

What is my point? Make haste while the sun shines to avoid had I known. Don’t while away your time playing games with men. I am not saying a lady cannot marry at 35 neither am I saying one should rush into marriage neither am I mocking those who are above 30 and still single, I still am not saying only those who marry at 25 have the best marriages. I am only saying, don’t waste your time sleeping around when you should accept a man and settle down.

Imagine you are around 30-35 years, at this point, only men of older age like 40-45 will come to marry you because young guys of 30-35 won’t like to marry a lady of 30-35 but unfortunately, those guys of 40-45, most of them are married. They even married girls of 22-27. They will still look so young at 40 but a lady of 35 will look like their senior sister. Ladies age faster. That’s why a girl of 16 can be looking so mature, guys would be wooing her but a guy of 18 would still be looking like 13 years old boy. It also applies to old age.

This might not actually be applicable in all cases, not all single ladies at 30s were slay queens, but the message remains, “make hay while the sun shines.

March 31, 2019

44 Things A Girl Wish Her Boyfriend Knows

Like I told most of my fans earlier that I would be dropping this post today on Khodedbaze Blog
So check it out and if possible add yours in the comment section.
1. When you break her heart,the pain never really
goes away
2. When she misses you, she's hurting inside
3. When she says it's over, she still wants you to be
her's 4. When she walks away from you mad,follow her
5. When she stares at your mouth,kiss her
6. When she pushes or hits you,grab her tight and
don't let go
7. When she starts cursing at you, kiss her and tell her you love her
8. When she ignores You, give her your attention
9. When she pulls away,pull her back
10. When you see her at her worst,tell her she's
11. When you see her crying,just hold her and don't
say a word
12. When you see her walking,sneak up and hug her waist from behind
13. When she's scared,protect her
14. When she lays her head on your shoulder, tilt her head up and kiss her
15. When she steals your favorite jacket,let her keep it for a night
16. When she teases you, tease her back and make
her laugh
17. When she doesn't answer for a long time reassure her that everything is okay
18. When she looks at you with doubt, back yourself up with the truth
19. When she says she that she really like you, she
really does more than you could understand
20. When she grabs your hands,hold her's and play
with her fingers
21. When she bumps into you,bump into her back and make her laugh
22. When she tells you a secret,keep it safe and untold
23. When she looks at you in your eyes,dont look back until she does
24. Stay on the phone with her even if she's not saying anything
25. Don't let her have the last word
26. Don't call her hot,but gorgeous or beautiful is so much better
27. Say you love her more than she could ever love
28. Argue that she is the best girl ever
29. When she's mad,hug her tight and don't let go
30. When she says she's ok, don't believe it,talk to her about it, because 10 yrs later she'll still remember it
31. Call her at 12:00am on special occasions to tell her you love her
32. Call her before you sleep and after you wake up 33. Treat her like she's all that matters to you
34. Don't ignore her when she's out with you and your friends
35. Stay up all night when she's sick
36. Watch her favorite movie with her or her favorite show even when you think it's stupid
37. Let her into Your world
38. Let her wear your clothes
39. When she's bored or sad, hang out with her
40. Let her know she's important
41. Kiss her in the pouring rain
42. When she runs up at you crying,the first thing you say is" whose ass am I kicking today baby?
43. After she reads this, she hopes one day you will
read it too
44. When ever she reads something like this, she must surely like it or comment on it

Girls am I making sense??

March 23, 2019

Curvy Actress, Omotola Adebayo Reveals The Crazy Thing She Did For Love

Curvy actress, Omotola Adebayo is a prominent face in both the English and Yoruba sectors of Nollywood.
Having debuted in the film industry with her own production, Timutimu some years back, Adebayo has since featured in about 25 movies including many soap operas.
In this interview, she opens up on her career, challenges and plans for the year.
When asked what’s the craziest thing you’ve done for love, She said:
Should I talk about it? Okay, I once shaved my hair for love.

February 19, 2019

Music & Lyrics: Teni - Uyo Meyo

Fast-rising Dr. Dolor Entertainment singer Teniola Apata who is popularly known as Teni, celebrates her 26th birthday today with a new single titled “Uyo Meyo”.
The singer who had an amazing year, blessed our speakers with hit songs like “Askamaya“, “Shakeam“, “Case“, “Pray” feat Phyno and she wraps up the year with the new song “Uyo Meyo” which serves as her birthday present to her fans globally. Uyo Meyo was produced by Seyi Keyz, mixed and mastered by Vtek. Guitar by Oc Omofuma and Fiokee,
Happy birthday Teniola Apata, From All of us at Natirovibe.
Listen and Download “Uyo Meyo” Mp3 below.

Download Mp3: Teni – Uyo Meyo

Dr. Dolor Entertaiment
Kajo kajo kajo (Let’s dance)
kayo kayo kayo (let’s rejoice)
Uyo Meyo leun o san o kan mi o e (I rejoiced with you and now its my time to rejoice)
Uyo Meyo
Uyo Meyo
O Uyo
Uyo Meyo leun o san o kan mi o e (I rejoiced with you and now its my time to rejoice)
Uyo Meyo
Uyo Meyo
Eh Uyo
Uyo Meyo leun o san o kan mi o e (I rejoiced with you and now its my time to rejoice)

[Verse 1]
Everybody’s born a winner
If only you just believe yea eh yeh eh
Close your eyes and come and see
Don’t you worry about a thing nah
Cause if you work hard
You can get it if you work
If you strive hard
You can be just what you want
If you work hard
You can climb the mountain tall
Cause nothing is too small
And nothing is too big

Uyo Meyo
Uyo Meyo
O Uyo
Uyo Meyo leun o san o kan mi o e (I rejoiced with you and now its my time to rejoice)
Uyo Meyo
Uyo Meyo
Oh Uyo
Uyo Meyo leun o san o kan mi o e (I rejoiced with you and now its my time to rejoice)
Eh yeh

[Verse 2]
What my eyes have seen, eyeh
Oun to ju mi ti ri ah, eyeh (what my eyes have seen)
Don’t let them tell you “You Can’t”
And they won’t help you, just so you know
Just keep on pushing oh oh uh oh
Ibi ti Daddy mi o de (where my father couldn’t reach)
Ma de be ma tu koja (I’ll get there and I’ll pass)
Ibi ti Mummy mi o de (where my mother couldn’t reach)
Ma de be ma tu koja (I’ll get there and I’ll pass)
Ori ori mi jowo (Oh my goodness I beg of you)
Ori la no okan mi o (my head pave way for my thoughts)
Ori ehhhh mi masun (my head don’t sleep)
Yea eh yea

Uyo Meyo
Uyo Meyo
O Uyo
Uyo Meyo leun o san o kan mi o e (I rejoiced with you and now its my time to rejoice)
Uyo Meyo
Uyo Meyo
Oh Uyo
Uyo Meyo leun o san o kan mi o e (I rejoiced with you and now its my time to rejoice)

Owo mi mare funfun nene
Ma yan fan da loke loke(Fan da)
Teni eee….. (Uyo meyo)
Omo apata ni mii (Uyo Meyo)
Mo duro gboin gboin (Uyo meyo)
Mo ro pe otan, sugbon olorun sope oku (Uyo meyo)
Omo la so laiye yi o (Uyo meyo)
Olaosedebikan oo gbodo sun eeeh
Ko duro timi lo jo jumo (Uyo meyo)
Ma je ki ota mo idi mi, jowo! (Uyo meyo)
Ibikibi to ba tiwu…Mo mo’pe inu re dun, Uyo meyo
Tori mo shey rere laiye ah mo shey rere
Tori mo yon fanda laiye ah mo yon fanda
Mo sho’rire laiye eh mo sho rire

February 19, 2019

LET’s TALK!! What Is The First You Do Immediately After Having S*x?

Hello Guys!!
This is for the mature minds only!!
You all know that s3x is a very sweet exercise, especially when you’re skillful and your partner too sabi the thing.

Skillful in the sense that, you begin the exercise with a soft tender kiss on the lips for some minutes before doing a tongue walk down to her neck then roll back to the back of her ear.

At this point, she is already feeling your skills, grabbing you like tomorrow no dey. Then your hand is slowly caressing her bress with a little press before start rolling the n!pples with your two fingers.

Before inserting the pr**k, you might want to give her head for some minutes to heighten up her mood. While licking her down there she’s giving you that soothing soundtrack and you’re already feeling that salty taste of the pu**y.

When you’re satisfied with your head-work, you then proceed to the game proper, giving her a rough ride to the front, left, right and center till you c*m.

At the moment you c*m, your eye go don clear and your body go don come down like tipper wey just offload sand.😂
The question now is👇

Immediately After S*x, What Is The First Thing You Do?

Let the hoely confession begin
Drop your comment

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February 05, 2019

Women’s natural hair allegedly used for rituals

According to a Nigerian digital strategist, women natural hair is now being targeted by ritualist as it is now allegedly being used for money rituals.

The popular digital strategist known as, AURA ❤️COOL on Twitter, wrote that a friend told him about the new system being used by ritualist in the country.
He claimed that a nylon full of natural hair now sells for N450k for ritualist. See what he wrote below;
A friend just sent me a Voice Note and it was shocking to hear her story.
Please ladies, if you visit the salon and they comb out your hair please pack it yourself and dispose it yourself.
A nylon full of women’s natural hair sells for N450K for ritualists.
Please be WARNED !

Taking to his page earlier today, AURA ❤️COOL, went on to share the voice note in which the allegations was made. See below;
A few days ago i mentioned how a friend of mine sent me a VN of how ritualists now hunt Hair salons to get Female human Hair (of which a full nylon bag goes for N450K)
Please listen to the FULL story here and share so every lady you knoe is aware

February 04, 2019

Corps member dies while returning from INEC training

A corps member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) died in a road accident while returning from INEC training for the general elections.

It is a sad time for the family members of a Microbiology graduate of the Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko (AAUA) identified as Kemi Adeniran following her sad death.
According to reports, the 2018 Batch ‘C’ Stream 2 corps member serving in Ibadan, Oyo State, died on Friday, in a motorcycle accident while heading home after the INEC training for 2019 general elections.

Many of her friends and family members have taken to social media to mourn her loss. See a post by a friend below;
Corps member dies while returning from INEC training

February 04, 2019

Beautiful Relationship Quote - Your Wife Is You

1. Your wife is number one priorities in your life.
2. Your wife is your best friend, be friendly with her.
3. Your wife need foreplay, don’t rape her.
4. Your wife is not only good for sex, carry her along in every issue.
5. Your wife is a gift, appreciate her.
6. Your wife is not a family material, never commit her unto the hand of your family members.
7. Your wife is your joy, nourish her.
8. Your wife is to be cherish, be cheerful to her
9. Your wife is your portion, cherish her.
10. Your wife is not a devil, don’t dump her.
11. Your wife is not your enemy, encourage her.
12. Your wife is a rare gem, guide her jealously.
13. Your wife is not your rival, don’t compete with her.
14. Your wife is a female gender, honor her.
15. Your wife is not common, don’t compare her.
16. Your wife is not a wash hand base, stop abusing her.
17. Your wife is a weaker vessel, handle her with care.
18. Your wife is a beautiful queen, celebrate her
19. Your wife is not a fighter, don’t fight her.
20. Your wife is not a punching bag, don’t beat her.
21. Your wife is not a game, don’t play her.
22. Your wife is the bone of your bone, do not break her.
23. Your wife is a hook, get hook to her.
24. Your wife is all you love, praise her.
25. Your wife is important, honor her.
26. Your wife is what u make her to be, accept her.
27. Your wife is your joy, pursue her.
28. Your wife needs your honor, never embarrass her in the public.
29. Your wife is not a knife, be nice to her.
30. Your wife is a distinct personality, never compare her to any work.
31. Your wife is loyal, don’t be suspicious of her
32. Your wife is not a fool, listen to her advice.
33. Your wife is not malicious, do not keep malice with her.
34. Your wife is the best friend you can have, befriend her.
35. Your wife is not a napkin, do not misuse her.
36. Your wife is not your house girl, support her in the kitchen.
37. Your wife is passionate, do not by- pass her. Make Her Smile. Be Romantic with Her. She will love you More and More
38. Your wife is very important to you, do not abandon her.
39. Your wife is a queen, do not quarrel with her.
40. Your wife is not the only owner of the sit, help her to baby sit.
41. Your wife is reasonable, do not under rate her.
42. Your wife is your responsibility, provide for her.
43. Your wife is yourself, do not separate her bed.
44. Your wife is not perfect, forgive her.
45. Your wife is your treasure, jealously guide her. You will give account.

Please comment and share if you learn a thing or two.

February 04, 2019