Nigerian man reveals what he would do if his wife slaps him aftercatching him with another woman

A video of a woman slapping her cheating husband and his side chic went viral yesterday and prompted varying reactions (read here).

A Nigerian man has now given his opinion on the viral video.
According to the Instagram user, a woman who is cheated on by her husband needs to cry and beg for forgiveness because her husband's cheating is as a result of her not being a complete woman.
He went on to say that if he had been the one in the cheating husband's position, he would have thrown his wife out of their home, then take their children from her, after which he will make sure she's locked up for physical assault.
Nigerian man reveals what he would do if his wife slaps him after catching him with another woman
A female commenter also had an interesting comment which was left on Joro Olumofin's Instagram page.

See below.
Nigerian man reveals what he would do if his wife slaps him after catching him with another woman

Ex-convict sent back to prison over car theft in Abeokuta (Photo)

The Ogun State police command on Monday, arrested an ex-convict, Ayomide Ifabode, for allegedly stealing a car a few days after he was freed from prison for a similar crime.
Ifabode had allegedly stylishly moved away a Nissan Almera saloon car from where the owner parked it at Ijemotitun area of Abeokuta metropolis, a development that made the victim, one Okeowo Ahmed, to lodge a complaint to the police at Ibara Division, also in Abeokuta.

The PPRO stated that the police arrested the suspect followin a  a tip-off to the effect that the stolen vehicle, marked AAB 87 TF, was sighted at Ototo community in Kobepa area of the state.

Going by the information provided, the detectives were said to have stormed the village on September 17, 2018 and successfully tracked down the suspect. The stolen car was also recovered.
The DSP said:

“On interrogation, the suspect confessed to have moved away the car with the aid of a master key. He also confessed that he had just completed a jail term over a similar crime”.

The state Commissioner of Police, CP Ahmed Iliyasu, had ordered the immediate transfer of the suspect to Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squard (FSARS) for further investigation and prosecution of the suspect.

26-year-old Nigerian, Silas Adekunle becomes the highest paid roboticsengineer in the world

Silas Adekunle, a 26-year-old Nigerian, credited for building the world’s first gaming robot, has just become the highest paid in the field of Robotic engineering. He achieved this feat after signing a new deal with the world’s reputable software manufacturers, Apple Inc.
The robotics engineer was also named as “Someone to Watch in 2018” by the Black Hedge Fund Group. Adekunle is currently the founder and CEO of Reach Robotics, a company developing the world’s first gaming robots.
He also recently graduated with a 1st class degree and has four years’ background in robotics. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Adekunle studied in Nigeria before relocating to the UK as a teenager. After completing his secondary school education, he proceeded to the University of the West of England where he graduated with a first class graduate in Robotics. In 2013, he founded Reach Robotics and developed a lot of experience on robotics within a space of four years.
Adekunle was also a team leader of Robotics In Schools programme, a programme which encourages and pays attention to students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The programme encouraged him to develop robotics to make education more entertaining for STEM students. In 2017, MekaMon, he released the world’s first gaming robot, with the special ability to customise the gaming bot to perform personalised functions.
The initial launch of Mekamon sold 500 bots, generating $7.5 million, according to The Guardian. Following this feat, Adekunle received support from various organisations including London Venture Partners ($10 million) and in the same year, his company, Reach Robotics signed a deal with Apple securing exclusive sales in Apple stores. “Impressed by the quality of his robots and their ability to show emotion with subtly-calibrated movements, Apple priced his four-legged “battle-bots” at $300 and has put them in nearly all of its stores in the United States and Britain. “Early customers skew towards male techies but a growing number of parents are buying the robots for their children to get them interested in STEM, Adekunle told Forbes in an interview this year.
The young entrepreneur who once indicated that the secrets to his success are “balance, shared ideas, time management and being oneself”, was recently listed in the 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe: Technology. Adekunle, who has taken over the world with his inventiveness, is currently located at the Bristol Robotics Lab which is said to be the best robotics research centre in the UK.

See how this lady's boobs were left exposed as she tries on a cutawaydress that looks different to the one she ordered

This woman pictured above was left surprised after a dress she bought online left her breasts entirely exposed.

23-year-old Paige Gardner, of Blaina, South Wales, ordered the £24.99 cutaway dress from a retailer to wear on a night out with friends. But after trying it the lower half of her breasts were exposed

According to her, she thought the cut-out detailing would flash a hint of her stomach, just as it did on the website's model.

Paige said: 'I ordered the dress because I thought it was lovely. I was going to wear it to go to Cardiff for the weekend for a night out with my girlfriends and wanted to wear that.

As soon as I put it on, I knew I definitely wasn't going to be wearing it anywhere in public – no amount of boob tape could save that.It definitely wasn't as fitted as I thought it was going to be.'

See full photos below.

See how this ladySee how this lady

Lady gives unbelievable reply to a Twitter question and it's going viral

A Twitter user's reply to a question on the platform has made her go viral.

A Twitter user asked women if they will attend the funeral of their boyfriend's wife to show support and the reply given by @noisey_ was short but deep.

"Why wouldn't I attend my graduation?" she tweeted.
Lady gives unbelievable reply to a Twitter question and it

Man gets interesting replies after advising men against marrying womenabove 30

A Twitter user posted a tweet likening single women above 30 years to old newspapers and he got some really interesting replies.
Ameer wrote: "Marrying a lady aged above 30yrs old is like buying a newspaper in the evening."
Man gets interesting replies after advising men against marrying women above 30
Social media users replied him with interesting tweets. One Twitter user narrated how he dated a lady who was less than 30 years and she abandoned a 2-year-old son for him. The boy will be 12 tomorrow. He said he eventually married a woman above 30 and is now happy because he has never seen anyone like her.
Read more replies below.
Man gets interesting replies after advising men against marrying women above 30

Man gets interesting replies after advising men against marrying women above 30

Man gets interesting replies after advising men against marrying women above 30

Death toll in Malaysia tainted alcohol scandal hits 21

Bottles of liquor seized in police operations are displayed during a press conference by the Royal Malaysia police in Kuala Lumpur on September 19, 2018. Fifteen men, most believed to be foreign workers, have died in Malaysia and 33 more are in hospital with suspected poisoning after consuming alcoholic drinks, police said on September 18. / AFP PHOTO / MOHD RASFAN
A total of 21 people, mostly foreign workers, have now died from drinking tainted alcohol in Malaysia, authorities said Wednesday as police made a series of arrests over the scandal.
The victims, who include three Malaysians as well as people from Nepal, Bangladesh, India and Myanmar, died after drinking whisky and beer in and around the capital Kuala Lumpur.
The first death happened Monday night and the toll has risen steadily since. Relatively affluent Malaysia attracts migrants from poorer parts of Asia who typically work in low-paying jobs such as on plantations and construction sites.
Health Minister Dzulkefly Ahmad said that in addition to the 21 people who had died, another 36 had been taken ill due to drinking the tainted alcohol.

“We are very concerned. This adulterated liquor is secretly made,” he told a press conference. “There are unscrupulous people out there seeking to make money by producing these adulterated drinks.”

Police raided shops around Kuala Lumpur and seized huge stashes of whisky and beer as they sought to take the tainted alcohol off the market.

Five men and two women who were running some of the stores were arrested, police said, according to official news agency Bernama. They were from Malaysia, Myanmar and India.

Dzulkefly said the last major tragedy involving tainted alcohol in Malaysia occurred in 2013, when 29 foreigners died.

Deaths from drinking bootleg liquor are more common in other Asian countries, such as India and Indonesia.

Civil servant forcefully retired after criticizing Okonjo-Iweala overlopsided appointments in 2013, gets reinstated

The federal government has reinstated Yushau Shuaib, a civil servant who was forcefully retired in 2013 after he wrote a critical piece on Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, former minister of finance, complaining of the lopsided appointments in the finance sector under her rein as Minister.

Shuaib was chief information officer on grade level 14 at the ministry of information, had filed a lawsuit against Okonjo-Iweala, the federal civil service commission (FCSC) and federal ministry of information over the sudden retirement.

In a November 2017 judgment, David Isele of the National Industrial Court declared the letter retiring Shuaib from service null and void, saying it was in flagrant violation of the civil service rules.

He ordered that the civil servant be reinstated with immediate effect.

Shuaibu's reinstatement letter was released an handed to him on Monday September 17th.

Reacting to the development, an excited Shuaib in a statement said

“It is exactly five years ago when my colleague in the federal ministry of information, M Ibrahim Iro Ma’aji called that he was directed to deliver a shocking letter to me. I told him where he could meet me. He felt like crying when he delivered the sad letter of my Compulsory Retirement from the public service in October 2013 which was deliberately backdated to June of the same year. The sudden retirement came after my disagreement with the most powerful Finance Minister, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala over an opinion article on lopsided appointments in the economic sector. After a five years legal battle and my victory in the court, Hon Minister of Information, Mr. Lai Mohammed has directed that I should be reinstated immediately. The letter for the reinstatement was delivered to me yesterday September 17, 2018 again by my colleague Ibrahim Maaji who is full of smile. I thank everyone for the goodwill and prayers over these years. I learnt I won’t be deployed or posted to Sambisa Forest, the fear five years ago.”

Driver ploughs into worshippers at Mosque after shouting Islamophobicabuse

Three people were injured outside the Al-Majlis Al-Hussaini mosque in Cricklewood, north London, in what a Muslim organisation claims was a "suspected premeditated Islamophobic attack".

The car ran over worshippers outside a mosque after its occupants were asked to leave a private car park. The request degenerated into a row with the occupants of the car making Islamophobic comments, it is claimed.

A Met Police spokesman said officers were called at 12.25am on Wednesday to reports of a car colliding with pedestrians in Oxgate Lane in Brent. Met Police say they are investigating the 12.35am hit-and-run as a hate crime, but it is not being treated as terrorist related.
Driver ploughs into worshippers at Mosque after shouting Islamophobic abuse
The car's occupants - three men and a woman in their mid-twenties - were allegedly behaving anti-socially, drinking and using drugs in the car park when security asked them to leave.

It is claimed the group drove near the mosque and made Islamophobic remarks during a confrontation with a "large group of people", and then crashed into pedestrians after the car was damaged by people outside the centre and it drove off "at speed".

The car fled the scene and its occupants are still being hunted by police, who arrived to a chaotic scene in the street.

One of the victims, a man in his 50s, was being treated in hospital for a serious leg injury, while two men in their 20s suffered minor injuries.
Driver ploughs into worshippers at Mosque after shouting Islamophobic abuse
The Hussaini Association, which had organised a lecture that was being held at the mosque, claims the car was driven by a white man and its occupants had shouted "anti-Islamic taunts" before the pedestrians were struck.

The driver was a Caucasian male and had 3 passengers in the car with him. The passengers were 2 males and a female and all of them were also of Caucasian origin.

They were heard shouting anti Islamic taunts at the crowd before they started their attack.

Happy 38th birthday to me.. Yay!

Happy 38th birthday to me.. Yay!

Today September 19th, I turn 38 and I can say without any doubt that 2018 has been the best year of my life so far! I became a mum. Something that I always wanted and wondered when it will happen for me.
On my 37th birthday last year, I went down on my knees and told God, you've blessed me beyond what I thought was possible but there's something I want more than anything else; to be a wife and a mum before my next birthday. We will talk about the wife one later...but the one that was more important, the one my heart desired the most, he gave to me. My own child. Two days before my next birthday. Dear Lord in heaven, thank you. I don't know what I did, or what I have done to make you continually bless me and answer all my prayers.
Above pic shows me trying to catch a glimpse of my son seconds after he was born and placed in my arms. It took me the whole of two minutes to push him out. I recorded it and I've watched the video over and over again in wonder. I thought I would be in the labour room for hours especially because of my age and how people say the older you get, the harder it is to give birth but my son was placed in my arms exactly 2mins 19secs after I began to push. .
I saw many comments on here of people praying I deliver like the Hebrew women and your prayers were answered. My delivery went so well. I can't wait to go through this journey of pregnancy and child birth again. By far the most amazing experience of my life. And the guys at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta are the best. . I'll recommend them. .
Thank you guys for all the birthday wishes. God bless you and yours and I hope everything you ask God for, He gives to you. May blessings never cease in your life. Amen. Kisses.
By the way, I did something crazily crazy for my baby boy. You will hear about it soon!. My mum has been giving me and my dad bad eyes since. Hahaha

Happy 38th birthday to me.. Yay!

Photos: Actress Ireti Doyle welcomes her first grandchild

Photos: Actress Ireti Doyle welcomes her first grandchild

Nollywood actress, Ireti Doyle is a grandma! 

She took to Instagram moments to announce that her daughter,  Abimbola Kachi Ozofor has given birth to her first child. 

Bimbo and her husband Kelechi got married in 2014.

See Ireti's post below...

Photos: Actress Ireti Doyle welcomes her first grandchild

Photos: Actress Ireti Doyle welcomes her first grandchild

Photos: Actress Ireti Doyle welcomes her first grandchild

Photos: Actress Ireti Doyle welcomes her first grandchild

My son's dead spirit uses our toilet at night, he haunts me too - South African woman says

A 36-year-old woman identified as Ntombosindiso Thuthani believes her dead son’s spirit has been haunting her and even uses their toilet at night.

The woman claims that his spirit was lost because his body wasn’t returned to her shack in Marikana, Cape Town, South Africa, before he was buried.

Instead, the 17-year-old’s corpse was taken to the Eastern Cape by her granddad.

“Now I’m the one who’s paying for what was done. They should’ve brought him to Marikana first because he lived here. Now his spirit is haunting us,” said the mum.

The troubled woman claims her son’s spirit used her toilet at night.

“The trouble started a day after his funeral. At first I thought it was a naughty child, but then I noticed it happened at the same time. That’s how I knew it was him,” she said.

She claims it started with a knock on the door at about midnight. When she asked who was there, the person on the other side of the door told her to let him in. Then she started hearing the person searching through her cupboard to grab some toilet paper. “After that I heard the person going to the toilet,” she said.

A spiritualist that was consulted said the family needed to perform rituals so Yamkela’s spirit could find peace. “Even if they move, he will follow them because he wants his family. They must do the right thing.”

Pastor Ntombekhaya Plati from Genesis Faith Mission said a demon, and not Yamkela’s spirit, was to blame.

“They can’t do anything to bring him back,” said the pastor. “We will pray for them so they can be free.”

Study shows that black men cheat more than any other race of men

Study shows that black men cheat more than any other race of men

A new study claims black men cheat more than any other race of men and claims to have data to prove it.

In addition to gender and age, the study shows that the infidelity rate changes based on a number of other demographic and social factors. 

The study claims to find that cheating is somewhat more common among black adults. Some 22% of ever-married blacks said that they cheated on their spouses, compared with 16% of whites and 13% of Hispanics. And among black men, the rate is highest: 28% reported that they had sex with someone other than their spouses, compared with 20% of white men and 16% of Hispanic men.

In general, men are more likely than women to cheat: 20% of men and 13% of women reported that they’ve had sex with someone other than their spouse while married, according to data from the recent General Social Survey.

Study shows that black men cheat more than any other race of men

The result of the study adds that:

A person’s political identity, family background, and religious activity are also related to whether or not they cheat. Overall, Democrats, adults who didn’t grow up in intact families, and those who rarely or never attend religious services are more likely than others to have cheated on their spouse. For example, 15% of adults who grew up with both biological parents have cheated on their spouse before, compared with 18% of those who didn’t grow up in intact families.

"Time is going fast and it won't wait for you" - Tunde Ednut advises those who are clocking 35 and are not married or have no child

"Time is going fast and it won

Tunde Ednut is giving marriage advise on social media to those guys and girls that are "too selective" and are not yet married or with child at 35.

The former singer who is now an Instagram entertainer said time is running out on them and asked them to imagine what it will be like when they are 50 and their child is just 10.

Read his controversial post below.

"Time is going fast and it won

Couple take daughter, 18, to doctor for "virginity check" after discovering she had secret boyfriend then father threatened to kill them both

Couple take daughter, 18, to doctor for "virginity check" after discovering she had secret boyfriend then father threatened to kill them both

A couple marched their 18-year-old daughter to the doctor for a "virginity check" after they found out she has a secret boyfriend. They also threatened to kill the boyfriend and told him that they were "dangerous" because they were Muslim, a court heard.

Iranian parents Mitra Eidiani, 42, and Ali Safaraei, 56, who live in south London, are also alleged to have threatened to kill their daughte, Sophia Safaraei together with her boyfriend, Bailey Marshall-Telfer, 18.

Sophia's parents found out about the relationship when the pair were caught meeting secretly at her home in Wandsworth, south London. Mrs Eidani came home unexpectedly when Marshall-Telfer was at their home visiting their daughter. The young man initially tried to escape from a bathroom window but Sophia's mother discovered some of his belongings, including a pair of headphones, the jury heard

In a statement read to Kingston Crown Court today, Doctor Helen Lewis said that when she refused to carry out the virginity test demanded by the girl's parents, the girl's mother Ms Mitra told her she did not understand her and Mr Safaraei's culture. 

The statement read:

Sophia said she didn't want to be examined by anyone.

I explained to Sophia I could not even touch her without her permission and I would not examine her unless she consented to this.

Mitra voiced unhappiness with this. She said I didn't understand her culture and then called Sophia's father, Ali Sarafaei, who was waiting outside.

She told me he was strict, not liberal like her, and would insist on me performing a virginity test.

Doctor Lewis said Ms Eidiani then drew unfavourable comparisons between her family's culture and "your" culture (referring to the UK) as Mr Safaraei threatened to go to the police while Sophia appeared tearful. 

The mother allegedly later bit her daughter and the father is accused of threatening Sophia with a kitchen knife after returning from the doctor. Sophia was also told she would be sent "back to Iran to marry a cousin," jurors heard. 

Couple take daughter, 18, to doctor for "virginity check" after discovering she had secret boyfriend then father threatened to kill them both

Sophia outside the court

Sophia explained to the jury how she and her boyfriend reacted upon being caught and how her parents reacted, saying:

We panicked because we didn’t expect it to happen so I had no choice but to tell him to go on the roof.

We were both scared, we didn’t know what to expect and obviously it would be a shock for my mum. She did tell him not to come back and we should not have contact anymore. She did break his headphones and Bailey was shocked when he saw them.

Mr Povall said after Ms Eidiani broke the headphones, she told Mr Marshall-Telfer:

That’s the least way I can cause you some harm.

He added: 

She shouted, she was threatening, she took a photograph of him and she insisted that he leave the house.

Mr Povall said Sophia’s father then returned home after the boyfriend had left.

Sophia describes hearing from inside her room her mother begging her father, 'please, don’t hurt her'.

But in any event, her father came up to the room shouting at her angrily, telling her that he would kill her and insisting that he and his wife should take Sophia to the doctor so that it could be checked whether she was still a virgin.

Sophia told jurors:

I did get threatened - that if I didn’t go, stuff like I can get killed.

The doctor asked me the reason why I was in that day and I didn’t talk, I just told my mum, as they were the ones that wanted me to get checked. They said 'if she wants to get checked she has to say herself'.

The doctor was adamant that she will not test Sophia without her consent and the family left the hospital angrily. But when they returned home from the doctor, her mum became "extremely angry" and bit Sophia, the jury heard.

Mr Povall said:

She started to shout, she grabbed hold of Sophia’s arm and she bit her in the arm, leaving a distinctive bite mark on her forearm.

Both parents were pushing her around. Sophia said she was going to leave home and went up to her bedroom.

But her father came up, this time holding a knife from the kitchen and a pair of scissors.

Speaking from behind a screen, Sophia told jurors:

My father then came into my room armed with a big kitchen knife and said you have to get checked. They were saying if I’m a virgin why can’t you prove it? What are you scared of?

A photograph of a large yellow bruise on her forearm, allegedly caused by the bite, was shown to the jury.

In the following days, the parents made life "extremely unpleasant" for Sophia and Mr Marshall-Telfer, Mr Povall said.

She was called a prostitute, her father threatened to kill both her and Bailey. She was told she was disowned, it was suggested she might be sent back to Iran to marry a cousin.

On May 17 2018, Mr Marshall-Telfer was threatened by Eidiani while at work at a Sports Direct store near Clapham Junction, where he had met Sophia, the court heard.

The prosecutor added:

She made comments to him pointing out her religion, that she was Muslim, that her husband was Muslim and suggesting that they as Muslim people were dangerous, that he should be careful, that her husband was angry and wanted to kill him and that they would be back and she left.

Sophia's father, Safaraei, then showed up and said "he was going to keep coming back and when the time and the place was right he would kill Bailey", Mr Povall said.

Sophia reported the alleged abuse on May 18 at Wimbledon police station. Safaraei and Eidiani, both of Clapham, deny two counts of controlling or coercive behaviour and one count of making a threat to kill.

Eidiani also denies one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm. Eidiani pleaded guilty to one count of criminal damage, related to the headphones, at an earlier hearing.

The trial continues.

Senator Joshua Dariye submits APC nomination form from prison

 Senator Joshua Dariye submits APC nomination form from prison

Senator Joshua Dariye who is currently serving a 14-year jail term over financial misdeeds while serving as Plateau governor, has picked his All Progressives Congress (APC) nomination form to contest next year’s election. 

“Yes, Sen. Dariye has picked a nomination form to seek a third term. It is true. He is among those jostling for the APC ticket in Plateau Central,’’ Mr Chindo Dafat, APC Publicity Secretary in Plateau, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), on Tuesday in Jos. 

Dafat said that Dariye has filled the form and submitted to the party. “His (Dariye)’s ward secretary came and signed the form on his behalf. It has been filled and his supporters are already campaigning ahead of the party primary election,’’ he said. 

According to him, Dariye will battle with three others Zakari Dimka, Sam Piwuna and Manji Pompori for the APC ticket. The party official said that Dariye was “still very popular and relevant in Plateau Central in spite of his current ordeals’’, adding that the former governor “can win the primary elections from the prison’’. He said that Dariye had appealed his conviction and could have it upturned “because we are praying for him’’. 

“Aside possible success in the appeal, we are also praying for a state pardon. That is another possibility. “Dariye is very important to our party, unfortunately, this happened to him. It is not that we cannot win elections without him; we can win without him, but he has done a lot and is well loved by his people. “Somebody could be in the hospital or prison and pick a nomination from there. We have no right to deny anyone a nomination form. 

Even INEC cannot stop Dariye from contesting the 2019 elections. “There is no law that stops him from buying the form. Whoever comes for the nomination form can get it. I see it as a constitutional matter. Only the court can disqualify him. 

“If Dariye wins elections from prison, he will not be the first Nigerian to do that. Iyiola Omisore, from Osun, once won a senate seat while in prison,’’ Dafat pointed out But the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has described the development as “shocking, strange and embarrassing’’. “It is shocking that a convict serving a 14-year jail term will be given a nomination form to contest an election. 

This is just ridiculous,’’ Mr Ben Shignugul, PDP Vice Chairman (Plateau Central), told NAN. “The nomination form has a portion which requests aspirants to state whether they were once convicted; I wonder what information Dariye provided in that column.

“He (Dariye) is our illustrious son and we sympathise with him. We expect him to be sober and reflect on what has happened to him, instead of allowing himself to be dragged around by desperate politicians,’’ he said. 

Shignugul said that the Plateau PDP executive council, led by its chairman, Damishi Sango, recently visited Dariye in Kuje prisons and prayed for him. “We still pray that he will serve out his 14-year jail term and come out in good health. “Dariye should equally be praying, instead of attracting unnecessary attention to himself,’’ Shignugul said. The PDP official, however, said that the party was not afraid of facing Dariye, or any other APC candidate, in the 2019 general elections. 

“Dariye cannot be a threat to us because people in the zone are already fed up with him after eight years as governor and two terms in the senate,’’ Shignugul claimed. But, section 107 sub-section 1 (d) of the Nigeria Constitution 1999 as amended, states that no person shall be qualified for election if, within a period of less than 10 years before the date of election, he has been convicted and sentenced for an offence involving dishonesty. It also states that anyone that has been found guilty of contravening the code of conduct shall not be allowed to contest election. 

John Legend claps back at reporter who disrespected his wife on Twitter

John Legend claps back at reporter who disrespected his wife on Twitter

John Legend has had enough of people attacking his wife Chrissy Teigen and he has now spoken out for her.

Chrissy is a successful model. Also last year she penned an easy-to-use cookbook filled with recipes to satisfy cravings, and she's currently working on a second. But some people have attacked her for doing nothing except following John Legend about and tapping from his spotlight.

Morning news anchor, Heidi Alagha made the same insinuation in a recent Twitter post and John Legend decided to respond in defence of his wife.

Heidi tweeted:

Chrissy Teigen is beautiful but does she have to be included in everything just because she’s married to John Legend? #emmys

In response, John Legend referred her to Google to do more research about his wife and find out that she's a successful woman in her own right.

John Legend claps back at reporter who disrespected his wife on Twitter

New photos of American R&B star, Jaheim leaves his fans really worried

New photos of American R&B star, Jaheim leaves his fans really worried

American R&B singer, Jaheim Hoagland better known by his stage name Jaheim is surely not looking as good as he used to.

New photos of Jaheim that's surfaced on the internet, many of which were shared by him on Instagram, have eople wondering if is he sick or on a new diet.

Back then, Jaheim was signed by Naughty by Nature's Kaygee to Divine Mill Records in 2000, and released his debut album Ghetto Love in 2001.

See more photos below...

New photos of American R&B star, Jaheim leaves his fans really worried

New photos of American R&B star, Jaheim leaves his fans really worried

New photos of American R&B star, Jaheim leaves his fans really worried

New photos of American R&B star, Jaheim leaves his fans really worried

See some social media reactions below...

''If Saifura were to be American citizen, ICRC and UNICEF would have done everything to rescue'' - BBOG's Aisha Yesufu says

Co-convener of the Bring Back Our Girls Group BBOG, Aisha Yesufu, today, said if the Nigerian midwife, Saifura Ahmed, killed by Boko Haram members yesterday were to be an American, UNICEF and ICRC would have done everything to ensure she was rescued alive.

Yesterday, news broke that Saifura, a midwife with the International Committee of the Red Cross, who was abducted alongside two of her colleagues in Rann, Borno state in March this year, has been murdered by the sect members. In August, the sect released a video in which Saifura and her other colleagues made a passionate appeal for the Buhari-led administration to do everything within its power to ensure their release.

Following the murder of Saifura, BBOG members led by Oby Ezekwesili, marched to the ICRC and UNICEF headquarters in Abuja today to demand answers to why the international bodies did not do everything within its power to ensure Saifura's safe return to her husband and two children.

Speaking at the UNICEF headquarters where they were denied audience, Aisha Yesufu accused the international bodies of being non-chalant to the plight of the abducted midwives because they are not Americans

''Yesterday was a dark day in this country. We are all victims waiting to happen. Imagine what the execution would have done to Hauwa, Alice & Leah Sharibu. They have killed one of them Saifura Ahmed who is as loved as Zahra Buhari by her family. Hauwa spoke in d Video she says “Once Upon a time we stood 4 d Vulnerable today we are d Vulnerable”. The government of this country and its citizens are as cold as d terrorists. @UNICEF has refused 2 talk 2 us all bcos they know we as Citizens are treated with disdain by our govt.

They put a bullet to Saifura’s Head. She’s dead today. She’s somebody’s daughter. The terrorists sent out a video, they aid workers pleaded, we turned away from their Plea. If Saifura were to be American.@ICRC & @UNICEF would have done everything to rescue them'' she said

Mad man caught with 2 iPhone 8 and lots of cash in Lagos (Photos)

A mad man with 2 iPhone 8 and lots of cash was caught today along Itedo Lekki phase 1, Lagos. The man suspected to be a fake mad man, was beaten by the mob which gathered.

was asked who sent him, he refused to answer but instead insisted on getting his sim card. Eyewitnesses disclosed that he said repeatedly “my SIM, my SIM ” Please can I have my SIM card.
The policemen who arrived before the mad man was beaten, left with the 2 iPhone 8 without making arrest.
Few months ago, we reported that a fake mad man was caught in Akure, the Ondo State capital, on Monday while parading the streets. Witnesses claimed he was in search of kidnap victims. The man, whose appearance was dishevelled, was apprehended at the Orita Obele Estate area of the town.
One of the witnesses, Ojo Ayobami, said the ad man who was caught with two phones was immediately handed over to a vigilante group.  Ayobami explained that the man claimed to have come from Edo to Ondo State in search of victims, stating that;
“He was caught on Monday morning around Orita-Obele Estate, along roadblock, Akure, Ondo State”.
“He was caught by some good Nigerians who had been on his trail for about two weeks on the suspicion that he is a kidnapper,” he said.
“He has been pretending to be a mad man all this while and he was caught with two phones. When he was given the beating of his life, he confessed he came from Edo State and has been kidnapping people in Akure for some time. Unfortunately, he refused to name those he was working for and while people were planning to lynch him, the police quickly intervened.”
Femi Joseph, Spokesman of the Ondo State Police Command, confirmed the arrest of the supposed ‘mad man’, noting that the Police would further investigate the suspect’s activities.

INEC bars phones, cameras, electronic devices in polling booths ahead of Osun governorship election this weekend

INEC bars phones, cameras, electronic devices in polling booths ahead of Osun governorship election this weekend

Ahead of next Saturday September 27th governorship election in Osun state, the chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC, Prof Mahmood Yakubu, today said  voters will not to be allowed to come with any electronic device that is capable of recording sounds and images inside the polling booths during the election.

Yakubu disclosed this at a stakeholders’ forum in Osun state today September 17th.

The chairman of the electoral commission said that the new development would help to reduce vote-buying and selling which politicians have adopted.

Family pay tribute to 7-year-old boy who was killed in the Arson attack in London

Family pay tribute to 7-year-old boy who was killed in the Arson attack in London

The family of a seven-year-old arson victim has paid public tribute to him for the first time as they joined with police in a new appeal for public information in a bid to find those responsible for setting fire to his family home.

Joel Urhie, who lived at the house in Deptford with his mother and older sister Sarah, tragically died as a result of the deliberate attack in Adolphus Street, Deptford shortly before 3.30am on Tuesday, 7 August. His mother and Sarah, 20, managed to escape by jumping from first floor windows.

Tega Majoroh, 18, who was Joel’s cousin, spent a lot of time with the little boy and frequently stayed with the family at the house targeted. Today Monday 17 September, she paid tribute to the little boy she saw as a younger brother, as she joined officers investigating the attack to make a plea for help from anyone who can shed light on the terrible crime that took his life.

Family pay tribute to 7-year-old boy who was killed in the Arson attack in London

Tega said: “Joel has been gone for a while now, but it seems like just yesterday he was taken from us. He brought so much light to the family without even knowing it. His death has been a tragedy to us all. His absence has caused a huge sense of loss. As young as he was, he meant so much too so many.”

The student, who is about to begin an economics degree at university and has also been a youth worker, said that she was ‘blessed’ to have spent so much time with Joel and paid touching tribute to the first time she met him.

“He was more my little brother than my little cousin. I remember when he was three and couldn’t say my name for ages. I would come to the house and say ‘Hi Joel.’ He’d say ‘Hi Tera’ and run to me with so much happiness,” she recalled.

“Joel was like the sunshine after rain. Coming home to him was like a breath of fresh air. He was always happy and always made others around him happy. There are so many memories that I will always treasure and there will always be a hole in our hearts where his memory will lie.”

Tega urged any members of the public who know anything to look to their consciences and come forward to assist the police to help them bring the perpetrators to account.

Joel’s mother Iroroefe Urhie, 49, who spent a month in hospital recovering after being badly injured in the escape from the burning house, joined Tega in paying tribute to her son.

Iroroefe remembered how much he loved going to church, and how he led the Praise and Worship at the weekly bible study group the mother and son used to attend.

She added: “Joel always wanted people around him that was why we used to go to the park a lot so that he could make new friends. His smile and laugh would light up a room and he was so full of life and energy.”

A spokesperson from Joel’s school, Tidemill Academy, where he was due to start Year Three this September, also added their tribute.

Detectives from the Met’s Homicide and Major Crime Command have been working hard to establish the circumstances of the fire since it took place just over six weeks ago.

Joel’s body was found by emergency services who attended the scene in the upstairs bedroom he shared with his mother. A post mortem conducted at St Thomas’ hospital on Wednesday, 8 August found his injuries to have been consistent with fire and smoke inhalation.

Woman's horror after Galaxy Note 9 "burst into flames" inside her purse (photos)


A woman who claims her Galaxy Note 9 smartphone "burst into flames" inside her purse is suing Samsung.

Diane Chung, a US real estate agent, says the new Note 9 model launched earlier this year is dangerous and hers caught fire in her purse, according to the New York Post.

Chung claims that just after midnight on September 3, while travelling in a lift, her phone "became extremely hot". She said she had to stop using the phone and placed it in her bag. Shortly after, she said she "heard a whistling and screeching sound, and...noticed thick smoke" pouring out from her purse.

According to Chung, she put the bag on the lift floor and tried to empty it, allegedly burning her fingers when grabbing the phone. Chung reported feeling "extremely panicked" while trapped alone in the lift, dropping the phone and frantically pressing elevator buttons through thick smoke. Once she reached the lobby, she reportedly kicked the phone out while it was still burning.

In the lawsuit, which was filed with the Queens Supreme Court, Chung claims that the phone didn't stop smoking until someone picked it up with a cloth and put it in a bucket of water. Chung described the incident as "traumatic", saying she was left unable to contact clients and it left the contents of her bag ruined.

Now Chung is demanding damages from Samsung, calling the phone "defective" and asking for a restraining order that bans the sale of Galaxy Note 9 smartphones.

It comes just two years after Samsung was forced to recall an earlier Galaxy phone after dozens of users reported overheating, spontaneous fires, and even explosions.

Just last month, Samsung chief DJ Koh promised that his new phone definitely wouldn't explode: "The battery in the Galaxy Note 9 is safer than ever.

He continued: "Users do not have to worry about the batteries any more."

Following the incident with Chung, a Samsung spokesperson acknowledged the incident in a statement given to The Sun, but said it appeared to be an isolated case.

The spokesperson said:

Samsung takes customer safety very seriously and we stand behind the quality of the millions of Galaxy devices in use.

We have not received any reports of similar incidents involving a Galaxy Note 9 device and we are investigating the matter.

Question of the day: What will you do if your dog eats your international passport with UK and US visas on it?

There's no cause for alarm. Just rush the stupid dog to the embassies of both the US, and UK, and make sure the dog does not shit till you get to both embassies. Tell the embassy people to scan the dog's bowels, and I'm sure their advanced scanning machines would reveal your visas in the dogs belly. If that fails, kill the dog and invite your friends over for some fresh dog peppersoup with cold beer. You can't lose both ways nah.

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See how badly this lady was disfigured by a man because she refused to have sex with him (disturbing photo)

See how badly this lady was disfigured by a man because she refused to have sex with him (disturbing photo)

A lady was left "barely recognisable" by a man because she refused to have sex with him.

Emma Higginson, 35, was battered to a pulp when she turned down a man who wanted to have sex with her in her room in the Turkish holiday resort Icmeler. He beat her so much that she suffered a fracture to her skull, eye socket and nose. When she was found, her room’s sheets, walls and tiles were left covered in blood.

Brit car salesman Declan Marshall, 27, has been arrested by police in Turkey in relation to the assault.

Speaking from her hospital bed in Marmaris, Emma told The Sun:

I want everyone to see what this man has done to me.

My mum and sister could barely recognise me. I’m in so much pain.

I’m covered in bruises and I just want to go home but can’t as the doctors say my injuries are too bad to fly.

One of my teeth fell out this morning and I’m going to need plastic surgery to get my face back to normal.

The man who did this to me is an animal. He’s a complete nutter and should be locked up for a long time.

The attack happened last week. Emma, from Kent, was with pals when they met Marshall in a nightclub and they offered him the sofa to sleep on as he said he had no way to get home.

See how badly this lady was disfigured by a man because she refused to have sex with him (disturbing photo)

Emma said:

I went to my room and fell asleep but a few minutes later he was in my bed trying to have sex with me.

I said I wasn’t interested.

I remember him saying I had no respect but I said I had a boyfriend. Then he hit me twice and I blacked out. When I woke up I was on the balcony and there was blood everywhere. My friend woke up to me screaming and he ran out of the apartment.

She added:

I’ve got 50 stitches, I can’t speak properly and I’m in so much pain.

Marshall, from Stoke-on-Trent, was arrested in a nearby hotel after police used CCTV from the nightclub. He is being held in custody and is due in court this week.

See how badly this lady was disfigured by a man because she refused to have sex with him (disturbing photo)