Photos: Lady Tattoos A Very Big Photo Of Her Boyfriend’s Face On Her Throat

  • A lady has gone viral online after she shared photos of herself with her boyfriend’s face tattooed on her throat.
    This has caused speculations on the Internet as some people see it as Relationship goals while others see no good in what she has done.
    Would you describe this as odeism, mumuism, foolishism or stupidity?
    See some reactions below;
    Mhiz Slimzy Irogzy It looks romantic and idiotic not even ur dad’s or mums face oh but ur bf don’t come here and cried on how he broke ur heart oh.. Even d guy’s face looks ugly on Dat tattoo. D girl’s brain has not only be rotten but washed away awon lovers shit

    Snow Didy Nigerians HV low mentality.. Y do we HV negative thoughts.. She loves the guy and that’s the best way she can least if she wana cheat she did b carefull..if he dump her no p..but now that the love is strong it worth it…so y all shouting stupidity are just still in the stone age..primitive low thinkers…I don’t do tattoos but I respect every one believe.. Hypocrites… Yeye people them…my sister tattoo on ur clitoris jare!!

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