5 Easy Guides That Will Help You Pass Waec-GCE 2018

5 Quick And Easy Tips To Pass

They have been lots of emphasize on
Jamb 2018 by most education
authors but in this article, we shall
be exploring new ways on how you
can pass waec gce 2018 with
fantastic scores with intensive 3
weeks reading. By now we want to
assume, you have been reading
before now even if you haven’t this
article is for you. This article is also
important for those sitting for jamb.

1. Don’t Folow the crowd-
There is a popular saying even
during my days as a student in
secondary school, which goes like
this “you can not pass waec on your
own”. I tell you that that is a lie from
the pits of hell, You don’t need to
bribe anyone to pass you just need
to be very serious at the dying
moments which is “Now". Don’t put
it in your mind that you have to
bribe someone for answers as this
will slow down your reading and
seriousness level. Avoid all the
online scams telling you to send
recharge cards or money in order to
get questions they are all frauds.

2. Time Yourself-
Don’t Just solve questions, while
solving set a time limit.For Subjects
like chemistry,physics and
mathematics when solving them you
can set half the time limit that will
be given to you in the Exam hall;lets
say you will be given 2 hrs, deduct 1
hour when solving questions before
the exams date, so as to improve
your speed limit. Don’t be deceived
speed matters in all exams.Im not
saying you should rush yourself
speedily am just saying be fast so
you can cross-check what you have
done from the scratch i.e the
beginning of your works.

3. Don’t Just read Study past
Read with sense
Pick a year for example you can say
you want to solve from year
2010-2017, its not too hard for you to
do, try to solve it thrice before the
exams day. Don’t Just solve
questions, solve questions relevant to
the present syllabus, nothing outside
of waec syllabus comes out in waec
exams. I tell you WAEC are master
repeaters of questions, Solving past
questions will open your eyes to
noticing some questions that are
always repeated. Take note of those
Questions as they are likely to be

4. Increase you reading time-
Now is the time to increse the rate
at which you read, Don’t say you
have been reading all these while its
now time for you to rest. If you have
been reading for 4 hours before
increase it to 7 hours. You can split
the seven hours by studying text
books for 3 hours in the morning
and solving questions for the
remaining 4 hours In the
evening. Know the period that suits
you the most if its late at night, morning or afternoon. I tell you
do not slow down on your readings
, You are doing your self a big favor
with your sleepless nights. Who
Knows if its this moment what you
have been tyrying to understand will
finally be understood. You have a
lots of time to rest after the exams.

5. Don't Be Afraid-
Try your best to cancel every form
of fears in Your mind:With fear in
you,everything you read will be a
waste. You must have the belief that
you can come out with a fantastic
score in your waec-gce. Let me tell
you something “the fear of WAEC is
one of the reasons why students fail
the exam. You have to remain
confident in yourself and ability to
pass the exam”

Conclusion-It is Our greatest desires
you excel in Your Exams, It doesn’t
matter how long you have been
writing Waec whats important is
you have been given another
chance. One more thing never
neglect Studying English language
and Mathematics, They need a large
commitment as your other
courses, as you know without a
Credit you can’t study any relevant
course In the university or other
tertiary institutions.

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