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Buhari values his ‘gay cows’ than lives of Benue people – Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri, former Presidential aide has berated
President Muhammadu Buhari for failing to visit
Benue State, following killing perpetrated by Fulani

The former Personal Assistant to ex-President
Goodluck Jonathan said Buhari prefered to visit his
“gay cows” in Daura, Katina State than visit Benue.

In a tweet via his social media handle, the former
presidential aide stressed that Buhari’s action had
shown that cows were more important to him than
the lives of Benue people.

The United States Pastor wrote:
“The funny thing is that
President Buhari has still not
visited Benue where killer Fulani
herdsmen killed Nigerians but he
has visited Daura to tend to his
150 gay cows that don’t
increase in number.
“It seems his cows are more
important to Buhari than Benue
 Meanwhile, dozens of people on Monday
embarked on a protest at Trafalgar Square,
London, condemning the incessant killing of
innocent Nigerians by suspected Fulani herdsmen
in various parts of Nigeria.
The protest was convened by Mutual Union of Tivs
in the United Kingdom (MUTUK) and was
supported by members of the Nigerian community
in the United Kingdom.
The protesters while chanting, ”Buhari, no more
killing,” expressed disappointment on the silence
of the Nigerian government.
They were seen holding placards with inscriptions
like “Nigerian Government stop your silence on
Fulani herdsmen’ ‘Blood ‘Nigeria life matters,’
‘Stop killing Nigerians, Enough is Enough.”
Speaking during the protest, Dr. Kohol Shadrach
Iornem, the Vice President of MUTUK, who was the
convener of the protest, state that it was high time
President Muhammadu Buhari offered a lasting
solution to the killing of innocent people in Benue
He stated,
“we are here today because of
the current problems we are
facing in Nigeria in the hands of
the Fulani herdsmen who have
continued to massacre our
children, brothers, sisters,
mothers and fathers.
“We are here because our
people back at home have done
everything within the law to bring
an end to this ethnic cleansing.
Our people back at home in
Benue State have protested, they
have held press conferences,
they held meetings with
community leaders to discuss
the solution to these attacks,
they have passed the anti-open
grazing bill.
“Our leaders back at home have
even visited President
Muhammadu Buhari to plead
with him to take decisive
actions. It is sad that
immediately after their visit, the
Fulani herdsmen terror group
killed at least 6 persons in the
same Guma and Logo Local
Governments where over 70
people were initially massacred
and given state burial.
“We believe the international
community does not know about
the current genocide in Nigeria
and that is there has been no
reaction from them. We are here
today to let the British
Government know about this
terror group, who has killed more
Nigerians than the Boko Haram.
“It is the responsibility of any
government to protect the lives
and properties of its citizens and
the government have failed us in
this regard. In developed
countries, the President ought to
have tendered his resignation for
failing the people who elected
him. He is the President of the
Federal Republic of Nigeria and
not president of a particular
ethnic group.
“This is just the beginning. If
President Muhamadu Buhari
does not take immediate action
to address the brutal killings of
our defenceless people,
Nigerians will come back here
again. Enough is Enough!”

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