Nigerian lady finally catches househelp who stole from her months ago

  • A Nigerian makeup artist, Tasala has caught her househelp, Victoria Ogbu who was stealing her personal items and also cash.
    According to Tasala, she was caught yesterday after she stole dollars from a well concealed place.
    She took to Instagram to shared videos of her begging and wrote;
    This househelp matter in Nigeria is just getting more and more ridiculous.
    This is Victoria Ogbu. My househelp for the last 8 months. Paid well, works minimal hours, treated like a household member. Caught her today and she confessed with her own mouth. She has been steadily stealing personal effects and cash. Caught her today after she stole dollars from a well concealed place. And the most annoying thing is the way they start crying and begging once caught. This has been going on for months! You treat them well but they have no conscience and will happily rob you blind.
    Thankfully I had links to someone that knows her family and her account details, ID and BVN so there was no escape for her. More items were recovered from her house by the police.
    Please let’s all be very cautious and vigilant with people we let into our homes and personal space. Even with all the background checks and guarantors nothing is safe.
    Get your domestic staff registered at your local police station, have copies of their ID and BVN and if possible get cameras installed in your home. Especially when you have kids. God help us all!! #Thief!! #takenoteofherface #lekki #yesIamexposingher #beforeshedoesittosomeoneelse #nexttimemaybeworse #temporarypost”

     Meanwhile, a middle-aged Fulani woman simply identified as Asmau (middle) was arrested in 2016 for stealing two children of the woman she was working for in Ogere, Ogun state and taking them to Ikorodu in Lagos state where she turned them to street beggars.
    According to a report by Vanguard, Asmau who served as a housemaid to the mother of the two children, worked for four months before kidnapping the children Amina, 6 and Rukayya, 7.
    Narrating how it all happened, mother of the children simply identified as Hawau, said Asmau had been living with her and assisting her with some domestic chores while being paid N400 or N500 daily.
    According to her, during the Sallah holiday in July, she had planned to send her daughters to their grandparents in Lagos for holiday and had invited her brother to come down to Ogun state to take her children to Lagos.
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