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Pastor’s wife accidentally sends her nude video into a WhatsApp group

There’s a story about the nude video of a Ghanaian
Pastor’s wife, Osofo Maame, that was sent into a
Whatsapp group by herself accidentally.

The woman is the wife of a popular pastor and it
wasn’t clear whom the video was actually meant
for, but in one way or the other, it landed in the
group and has since gone viral.
It is not understood why why she even decided to
record the compromising video of herself but a lot
of people had the thought that she was recording
for her husband or probably some other person as
it would be quite unbelievable to note that a pastor
would request for a seductive nude video of his
wife over the internet.

According to reports from sources who have seen
the video, Osofo Maame was seen playing with
herself in the video and also dancing, with her
baby crying in the background.

Well, Osofo Maame is reported to have been
traumatic over the deadly mistake she made as the
video has circulated all over Ghana and it is very
certain members of her husband’s church must
have seen their Mummy G.O in her total glory.
At a point in life, some people find their naked photos and videos on the internet. This can be so traumatic and may lead to suicide if adequate counseling is not given. According to Emma Sadlier, who is a social media law expert, when you are going to get yourself involved in sexting, you should take precaution to avoid your contents getting on the internet.
Sexting is risky, but if you are
going to get involved in sexting,
taking intimate content of
yourself, be very careful about
how you storing that content and
who you are sending it to. Make
sure you are sending it the right
person. An extra technique is to
make sure you can’t be
identified in the picture, make
sure your face isn’t in the
 In your own opinion, do you think it is right for a pastor to ask for his wife’s naked video or photos over the internet?

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