'This How I’m Doin’ B*tches In 2K18′ - Man beats his girlfriend beyond recognition live on Snapchat & the alleged assault lasted for a whole day (Disturbing Photos)

    A man has been accused of assaulting his girlfriend for a whole day and inflicting multiple injuries on her body.
    The alleged assault was broadcast live on Snapchat.
    According to reports on social media, the man identified as Daniel beat his girlfriend Mariah live on Snapchat and then tagged the video “This How I’m Doin’ B*tches In 2K18.”
    A friend of Mariah also gave an account of what allegedly happened.
    According to the said friend, she said Daniel assaulted Mariah all day until morning because he suspected she was cheating on him.
    Read what she wrote and see the disturbing photos Mariah shared below.
    “Daniel beat the shit out of Mariah all day until morning nearly to death.
    “Daniel thought Mariah had cheated bc one of his friends lied on her. Daniel bit Mariah like a wild animal everywhere to where it looks like he tried to take out flesh and he also chocked and dragged her.
    “He kept her there captive and would not let her leave. He would beat her every time she cried and every time she tried to say anything. HE ALSO POSTED HIM BEATING HER ON SNAPCHAT TALKING BOUT “this is how we’re doing bitches 2k18”
    “He’s sick in the head fr. All Mariah did was hold him down, she would give him money, somewhere to stay, all of that.”
    ”When Daniel got shot Mariah would change his piss bags and help him DO EVERYTHING til he got healthy again.”
    ”Mariah did escape and got a ride from a neighbor to dollar general where she could call me to pick her up. He broke all her phones and took everything she had on her his name is Daniel.

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