#BBNaija 2018 Day 19: All The Things That Makes Rico Swavey Thick

  • On closer look, you will realise that Rico swavey is one of the most fascinating housemates in the #bbnaija house and it is so for a number of reasons.
    Since entering the #bbnaija house, he has so far managed to stay far away from controversies and any sort of altercation with his peers – a feat none of the other housemates has been able to achieve. He has somehow been able to stay clear of the volatile tempers of his peers.
    Rico in his profile video promised to bring his easy likable personality into the #bbnaija House, and he did just that. A close inspection shows that he is the cool dude in the house, the cute and funny one that has no problems whatsoever.
    His simplicity is evident in the way he shares laughs with everyone and has absolutely no issues with anyone. Despite the was dealt with a throbbing blow when a record company screwed him over, he has remained a happy go lucky guy.
    Behind his mischievous look and grin,the man who entered the #bbnaija House on a bouncing stride turned out to be quite the strategist. While he doesnt talk much, whenever he gets to say something ,there is always a surprising and impactful effect to his words.
    A good example was when he shamed the #bbnaija Housemates for their insensitive waste of so much food. On the other side however, the youthful aspiring actor and singer appeared to be in full control of his every move, in an ever cool, calm and composed behaviour, as silence seems to be his line of attack.
    There however seems more to him than meets the eye. While his facr may have a readable expressiin, he seems to have the ability to wrap up his words in an enticing and shocking manner.
    His face expresses a range of emotions that can simoly be described as priceless. From the eye-rolling to the drooping or the wide-eyed wonder, for anyone caring to look, Rico is true to his emotions.
    Perhaps it is in his relationships with the opposite sex that he appears to be most vulnerable. While he seems to be everyone’s friend, and easy to hug at that, it seems he wished Ahneeka would cuddle him more, like all the other pairs.
    He seems to be one of the #bbnaija housemates that hasnt lost sight of the nature of the big brother game and that may just see him walk a fine line to the prize.
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