#BBNaija 2018 Day 19: And The Good Times Are Back…

  • Day 18 in the #bbnaija house was quite an interesting one for the housemates and viewers as the former relished in the joys of their Wager Victory and also watched as Cee-C and Lolu felt Biggie’s wrath after their poor behaviour this week, while the latter enjoyed the happenings in the house.
    It was obvious that the duo of Lolu and Cee-C clearly defied Biggie’s rules during the Bonding theme this week and he set out to make an example of them. Big brother clearly gave them a double strike eacheach and both were visibly devastated.
    Of course Tobi was quick to jump in and save the day for Cee-C and while she wept endlessly in his arms he tried to calm her down with hushed words of encouragement.
    Lolu made an attempt to reach out to Cee-C while she was deep in her feels in Tobi’s arms, she did hold out her hand for a brief moment but did not lift her head which was buried in Tobi’s chest.
    She was inconsolable and Lolu was just as full of moans and groans. He tried his best to vent his frustrations by talking about everything that transpired with any of the #bbnaija housemates that cared to listen.
    Rico Swavey lent him an ear for a while and tried to help him be a bit more diplomatic. At the very end of the night, Alex tried her best to console Lolu, even though it was her Birthday.
    Despite the fact that it felt like the worlds of Cee-C and Lolu’s had crashed in the #bbnaija house, the other Housemates were noticeably nonchalant and blasé about the whole affair.
    Every other #bbnaija housemate seemed utterly overjoyed at the Wager win and could not wait to get their drink on. Khloe was absolutely relishing in her victorious moment as Head of House and everyone else was seen chatting and drinking at different spaces in the #bbnaija House. To the other housemates, it seemed as though absolutely nothing had happened.
    Both Cee-C and Lolu have been open about their emotions during their stay in the House. Cee-C has always been at the centre of most of the drama in the #bbnaija House and Lolu has also been the expressive kind.
    If you can recall, Lolu practically broke down in a fit of emotion when DJ Exclusive recognized him last week during the Saturday party.
    Perhaps their popularity was the reason the other Housemates did’nt give them much support or consolation after their double-strikes or maybe it was simply due to the joy of winning their first wager, time will surely tell.
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