#BBNaija 2018 Day 19: The Brewing Love Quadrangle

  • If you are a keen follower of this season of #bbnaija, youb would have noticed a complex love quadrangle involving K.Brule who likes Khloe who likes Leo who in turn, likes Alex and things are getting more complicated.
    From the moment Leo stepped foot in the #bbnaija house, he described himself as a fiercely protective lion, and he appears to have demonstrated this if his caring disposition is anything to go by.
    Almost all the #bbnaija housemates can attest to the fact that it is soothing to be around him and the ladies particularly confide in him, perhaps because they don’t feel any of the intimidation that comes with some of the other males in the house.
    Close to midnight of day 18, Queen Khloe and Leo had a genuine one-on-one conversation which was quite soft but ended up turning sour for Khloe. Leo had earlier made it known that he learned the act of such conversations from being raised in a single-parent home headed by his mother.
    Khloe had asked Leo if he liked Anto, and he nodded that he did appreciate her, though in a non-physical manner. Khloe tried to extract information from him without burning too much of her secret, and slipped into the conversation that she liked Leo, a move that sadly backfired on her.
    Leo admitted to have growing feelings for Alex, but that he was at odds with himself as he described his emotions as ‘platonic’ for now. He went on further to say he thought Alex was a fragile heart, and he didn’t want to play it like Teddy A and Bambam.
    Leo said he liked Alex for her genuineness, Alex’s emotions are transparent for all to see as she cries rivers of happiness, sadness or anger.
    Alex truly does wear her heart on her sleeve with her love language being physical touch. Alex has been very tactful and evasive whether with the guys or the ladies, which may explain why some #bbnaija Housemates have complained that she invaded their private space.
    What seems more interesting is the fact that Alex has also shown signs of falking for Leo, which is adding to an already complicated situation.
    Khloe on her part was forced to conceal her disappointment, and it appears she has accepted the fact that K.Brule was burning for her attention and maybe more accepting of him.
    In summary, K.Brule likes Khloe who likes Leo who likes Alex. We really cant wait to see how this love quadrangle plays out.
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