#BBNaija 2018 Day 24: The Dense And Drab Diary Sessions

  • The first Diary session since the shocking Evictions saw the #bbnaija Housemates who had lived through another reshuffling enter one after the other to share their secret thoughts with Biggie.
    It is onvious that the #bbnaija house is still recovering from the dramatic events of the past days. Former #bbnaija Housemates are sorely missed, but the remaining agree that the show must go on.
    For someone like Angel, a smaller House is a happier House for it has cleared the path to victory. Moreover, Angel still harbours feelings for Ahneeka whom he hopes to see fall into his arms soon.
    Not all the #bbnaija housemates are however at peace with the new developments. Nina is of the opinion that regardless of the Head of House pairing, she is the one who should be sleeping next to Miracle in the luxury suite, simply because he is sleeping alone as Anto has refused to share the bed with him.
    Anto on her part has been struggling with the baby Task. When Biggie asked her where her baby was, she blushed of awkwardness and replied that ‘it was on the sofa’. She had come to the Diary Room without it. This was in sharp contrast to Ahneeka who jumped into the chair with her baby in the arms, gushing about how much support she was receiving from her partner Angel in the Task.
    Ifu Ennada was the only #bbnaija housemate that expressed genuine happiness at the new pairing, who has come close to winning the head of house crown thrice.
    Ifu told Biggie that she ”thanked God” and was “glad to be free from Angel” who she accused of being so rude to her. She admitted that people found she made a good match with Angel, being both sporty and bold. But that she had to stomach a lot from him when no one was watching.
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