#BBNaija 2018 Day 24: Housemates Forced To Learn The Elements Of Parenting

  • The last evictions that saw four #bbnaija housemates exit the house has seen the remaining housemates reassemble into organised groups.
    It seems Big Brother is not done yet teaching the #bbnaija Housemates a lesson on responsibility. On day 23, he brought three baby dolls for Ahneeka, Alex and Anto and their partners to care for like real babies. The trio reluctantly got on with the task, simply because no one is willing to cross Biggie anymore as the consequences are unbearable.
    Just as the #bbnaija House was starting to get used to the three grafts, and their piercing screams, which serves as a reminder of parental realities, Biggie pushed the joke a little further.
    After the Diary session, he gathered all the #bbnaija housemates in the lounge and again had them pick an envelope with the same message. Except that this time, Ninjas came out of the elevator doors with more cots and more baby dolls.
    The envelopes came bearing good or bad news, depending on how the recieving #bbnaija housemates saw them. Anto’s and Bambam’s envelopes contained the gift of another baby.
    Instead of feeling overjoyed, they looked overwhelmed as Anto made no secret that she didn’t enjoy the Task. Teddy A cradled the doll against his will, he smiled of embarrassment like one who had stepped into a sticky situation, yet freeing Nina from the doll’s screams.
    On Alex’s part, she managed the baby on her own, as it was quite evident that her partner Tobi had taken himself out of the picture. Cee-C being her usual bossy self didn’t even let Lolu come close to her baby. Angel on his side did the best he could to impress Ahneeka, taking turn to sing lullabies to the baby doll and cuddle it, which took some pressure off her shoulders.
    It seems like the only #bbnaija housemates that escaped from Biggie’s game were Leo and Ifu Ennada as they remained baby-free. Of all the Housemates, it is Anto who had the hardest time with her twins, as the lack of support from her partner, Head of House Miracle, was glaring.
    Despite the fact that they are the ruling pair, that did little to dissuade Miracle from turning his back on the Housemate he admitted to have selected for her wits, to go tuck Nina into bed.
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