Nigerian Soldier who lost his leg while fighting Boko Haram, accuses Nigerian Army of neglect

  • A Nigerian soldier identified as Engr Daniel Ndubuka Ekpo on Facebook, took to the platform to accuse the Nigerian army who he accused of neglecting him after he lost his left while fighting Boko Haram insurgents. 
    Daniel who sent in a prayer point to a virtual ministry on the platform, asked the group to pray for Nigerian army officials in-charge of his treatment, so he can get proper treatment. Here’s what the Nigerian Soldier wrote;
    I am a soldier among those that fight the menace of insurgency/Boko Haram at the North East,my Tank Ran into (IED) Improvise Explosive Device. in d process my two legs Was badly damaged and the left leg was amputated,I a still on hospital admission but Nigerian Army Has not given me a proper treatment and I am really suffering, please I want all the members to pray for the Army Authorities who are responsible for my treatment So that I will properly treated.

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