Nnamdi Kanu lies too much, worse than chameleon - Abia state governor Ikpeazu tells BBC

  • Abia state governor, Okezie Ikpeazu said during a BBC interview that missing IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu lies too much and is worse than a chameleon.

    Ikpeazu said the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, whose whereabouts is currently unknown, is a man who speaks from both sides of his mouth as he never consulted him before taking any action. Ikpeazu went on to say that the Igbos are not after the break up of Nigeria and are ready to rule the country when the time comes.

    He said: "Nnamdi Kanu hates South East governors, he does not want to associate with us despite the love we have for him. Whenever you talk with Nnamdi Kanu, he always speaks from both sides of his mouth, he is not a straightforward person.
    "He never consulted me before taking any action, although we all agreed that Igbos are being marginalised but we should sit down and discuss the way out."

    He added: "it’s true that Igbos are being marginalised but how can we get to the promise land? Who will lead the Igbos to the promise land? Do we have enough guns if war should break out?"
    The governor also said that of all the tribes in Nigeria, the Igbos, more than any other, wants Nigeria to stay united. 
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