Nigerian boy suffers severe body reaction after during juice (Photos)

  • Chibuikem Nwadike developed a reaction that nearly led to his death after consuming a pack of juice and he got so sick that his eyes were bloodshot red, his lips were badly bruised and bleeding, his skin was also bruised and bleeding. He was admitted to the hospital in the first week of December 2017 where the doctors found out he was allergic to the juice and that led to him suffering from Steven Johnson Syndrome.

    His mother, Ifunanya Nwadike shared the news and photos of what her son Chibuike went through as she marked his birthday on Facebookthanking God for his life. The handsome child is better now according to his mother but photos show that his lips and skin are still slightly scarred.
    The Doctors and nurses that treated him thought he will not survive it but, miraculously, he did
    Ifunanya Nwadike shared her son’s photos and wrote;
    My hrtrob, my Prince Charming, my pride, my joy, my strong man, #Godsfavourite,first week of December he was admitted in the hospital for taking a substance we never knew he was allergic to which resulted to STEVEN JOHNSON SYNDROME,who would have taught he would make it, even the doctors and the nurses didn’t believe in his survival but praised God for it, it was a very sorrowful time in the family, everyone kept crying for the fear of survival,but the God of the Nwadikes never put us to shame(with God ALL things are possible) the great physician magnified himself and we exalted him, today mummy’s love is +1,friends join me to wish my pride a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and my prayers is that you will excel in every area of life, God’s grace, blessings,favour,healing,will never depart from your life,your path will forever be guided by the almighty and more money into your account son
    We love you to the 🌙 and 🔙

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