Unemployed Nigerian lady and victim of a toxic relationship commits suicide

  • A 37-year-old lady simply identified as Banke, committed suicide last Sunday. According to her friend, Esther Ijewere, Banke became depressed when things were working for her, she couldn’t get a job for years and was in a violent relationship for two years before locking herself up in a room and took Sniper.
    Ijewere wrote;
    ”She was 37
    No job
    Nothing was working
    Was in a violent relationship for two years before taking a walk
    She loved life and fought hard to make a living
    She got tired of life and got very depressed
     Locked herself up in the room on Sunday and took her own life with “sniper”
    She was my friend
    Return if possible Banke
    Depression is real, don’t ever judge a situation you’ve never lived…”
    See how some people reacted to the news below;
    God please heal every depressed soul out there this things are real,check on people,encourage people,ask your friends if they are ok forget that “if you no hail me I no go hail you talk”!! People are going through hard times and these our generation won’t let them talk because you all are painting the “my life is perfect “picture #restwell 🙏🏻😭
    Truth is. Living in these times prompts one to be wild and tough to face the odds. Depression it a break took. It 1st tests your capacity to withstand the odds and continue with life or pack up. Once the depression graph starts sloping, you have an emergency and must self heal immediately. See yourself as a soldier who must fight to win a medal in the end. Treat unpleasant situations with a positive mindset. For me, I always say to myself, ‘I did not beg to be born thus, head or tail, I must win.
    Always check on people you love depression is a real issue and we always think someone that is depressed is just seeking attention.,… We need to always ask questions and always know what going on in the life’s may her soul rest in peace…

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