Lesbianism is total nonsense, God is against it – Actress Habibat Jinad

  • Nollywood Actress of the Yoruba niche, Habibat Jinad, had some few days ago leaked an alleged chat she had with a woman who wanted to have a sexual relationship with her.
    The fan had privately chatted her up to have her nipples sucked and also engage in other sexual activities.
    The actress, who was not in any way interested in such union, told the woman point-blank that she is not a lesbian and so is not ready to engage in such activity.
    The actress has however opened up on details about the chat in a new interview and according to her lesbianism is wrong and God is not in support of it.
    Read excerpts from the interview with Habibat Jinad below
    On how she got involved in the lesbianism saga:
    A fan slides into my Instagram page and sent a direct message, just to express herself to me, and I told her that “I’m not a lesbian”. That was how the whole thing began.
     On how she got to know the lady:
    I don’t know her from Adam; I thought she’s one of my normal fans. I saw her messages on Instagram, she said “hello” and I replied her with “Hi”, which are normal greetings, not knowing that she’s a lesbian and she proceed in asking me out.
     Habibat Jinad was then asked on what she think could have attracted her to the lady:
    Lolz! I wouldn’t know. Some of my fans do say I am beautiful and that might get her attracted to me. However, I still see it as nothing but rubbish. How can you be hunting your fellow women for sex when you have a lot of hard disks around you? For real, it’s crazy.
    On if she had considered the offer if she was offered a huge sum of money:
    Do it for what? I can never do it for anything. This is because Almighty God is against it, and that money is dirty. I would wait for God’s time because it is the best my brother.
    On what her perception about lesbianism is:
    Sexual activity between women and it is nonsense.
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