Mr Nigeria UK suffers severe racist attack in Georgia

  • Mr Nigeria UK 2016/2017 took to social media to share the severe racist attack he experienced in Georgia, USA today. He narrated how he was assaulted alongside other black people and the Policemen didn’t arrest the people that assaulted them.

    Read the full story of Mr Nigeria UK racist attack below;
    This is something we should not see in this day and time. Tag UntIll CNN sees it. And BBC We were playing soccer at 6pm today on a public pitch, when a Georgian Man walked up to us and demanded we leave the pitch. We asked why? And his reply was that we should leave the pitch and fuck off and leave his country. He continued by saying we have no rights to be in his country and we don’t have any rights in his country because we are blacks.
    He became more aggressive and threw a punch at a black man. And as if it was planned we were rushed by a crowd of Georgian men with machete and stones. Another Georgian man was yelling from his window with a huge gun pointed at us threatening to kill us if we don’t leave his country. Before we could really understand what was happening, we were already being assaulted by these men. We immediately called the police for our safety. Due to language barrier, the Georgians easily lied and twisted the story.
    Saying they peacefully told us to leave the pitch for the children to play. The translator provided for us by the police didn’t understand english enough to translate well. We even showed the police the full video from the beginning and to our greatest surprise, the police told us to forget about it try to forgive these men. None of the Georgian assaulters were arrested.
     No form of apology was demanded from them .Nothing! Nada! Why??? The question is now if the case was reversed, if it was blacks assaulting Georgians, will the police the this nonchalant about the situation. Sorry for the long narrative but we must continue the fight to stop racism. In this 21st century??? Unbelievable!! IT HAS TO STOP!!! #SAYNOTORACISM!!!! #WEAREONE @cnn @cnnafrica @bbcnews @bbcafrica @channelstelevision