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Epic Clapback: Plus-size Nigerian Model Blasts Lady Who Body-shamed Her Over Stretchmarks (Photos)

A plus-size Nigerian model identified as Monalisa Stephen, has taken to her Instagram page to put a female troll on blast for body shaming her.
Monalisa had shared the photo above few weeks ago, which clearly shows the strechmarks on her tummy, and just yesterday, she received a direct message (DM) from Instagram user, Bibian Udeh, condeming her body.
The DM read: "The stretchmarks on your tumy only confirms you have more than one child. How many you don born abeg. I de ask becoz your tummy too big abeg. See as e protured. Lolzzz."
In a swift reaction to the DM, Monalisa shared photos of the troll along with a message for women who take pride in body-shaming other women.
She wrote: "So I woke up to this message and the first thing I think is, what is wrong with women? First of all, even if I had a child [which I don't] so what? A few years back a comment like this would have probably had me crying and depressed but right now I am way passed there.
"Most women have stretch marks with or without child birth, the only difference is I'm not offended by my stretch mark. I go to the gym, I work out and I'm healthy, my size doesn't make me unhealthy, neither does my stretch marks.
"Dear women, let's learn to appreciate each other's body and be encouraging to each other because irrespective of what size you are, we all have fought insecurities at some point! Let's learn to help each other grow. "I'm not doing this to spite or shame her, it just hurts that this is coming from a woman."
Bibian Udeh the alleged internet troll

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