Photos: 23-year-old African lady runs mad in Italy

  • A 23-year-old woman believed to be from Gambia has gone crazy in Italy. According to Sherriffo, they are searching for her family members because some persons are using her mental health issue to make her do unpleasant things. "This is 23 year isatou ndong she is Italy right now but not mentally stable so guys help me share this so that her love one can see it and find a solution to return her save because what is happening to her in Italy is sad some of our men's even dogs are better than them they are used her mental health as a opportunity to make her do things  because she used to ask and beg for money which is very sad and our own brothers are doing that,so help me Shear this she have a brother in Germany called Musa ndong aka rady Mose any body know this guy tell him the sister need help thank you guys shear it please"The post Photos: 23-year-old African lady runs mad in Italy appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.
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