20 year man who threw his 4-year-old brother off roof had history of mental illness

  • 20 year man who threw his 4-year-old brother off roof had history of mental illness

    20 year old Shawn Smith killed his 4 year old brother, Shimron Smith, by throwing him off the roof of a 7-story building where the family lived in Brooklyn. It is now being said that the young man had a history of mental illness, this is according to his family.

    Police say Shawn calmly flagged down a patrol car and confessed to killing the boy and led officers to his brother’s broken body in the courtyard of the apartment building on Norstrand Avenue near Avenue K around 3:30 AM on Saturday.

    According to NY Daily News; family members said Shawn had been behaving strangely in the months before the tragedy...

    Smith was admitted to Kings County Hospital for an emergency psychiatric evaluation. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia and released home after being stabilized on psychotropic medications.

    Smith was planning to immigrate to New York with his family last December but mental health issues forced him to stay at a hospital in his native Guyana before he was able to join the rest of his family, relatives said Sunday.

    And months after arriving in New York, Smith broke down a heavy door in his family’s Flatlands apartment, prompting his frightened mother to call 911. He landed in Kings County Hospital for more psychiatric treatment.

    “He spent three weeks there and when he come back, he was okay,” mother Odessa Frith, 39, said Sunday. “Everything was okay.”

    But other relatives could tell something remained seriously wrong.

    “You could see in his eyes, he was deteriorating,” said Robin Frith, who is married to Smith’s grandfather. “He was a sick person — you could see it!”

    On Saturday, Smith finally snapped.

    He killed 4 year old Shimron but Shimron’s 5-year-old brother Steven, who was in the apartment, was not injured.

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