'Should a lady who walked into an hotel room with a man and comes out later to complain of rape be taken seriously? - Sport Journalist, Godwin Enakhena asks

  • Totally unrelated to Ronaldo's case, a lady who complains of rape should be taken seriously. But at the same time ladies need to start taking responsibility for their own safety. You can't just let yourself walk into any situation that might give mixed signals and always expect the man to be a gentleman. If you're not sure of what you want, protect yourself first by staying out of any situation you're not 100% sure of. Don't leave your safety to the chance that the person may or may not listen if you change your mind in the middle of things. Truth is in an ideal world, there would be no rape. In an ideal world if you tell anybody "no, stop" they will always stop. But also in an ideal world if the law says don't murder anyone, nobody would kill anyone. But this is not an idea world. People still kill other people even when there are harsh punishments attached to the crime. So ladies please, even as we join you to encourage end to rape, also start taking responsibility for your own safety. Don't feel entitled to respect of consent from anybody, not everyone has sense.

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