''A Buhari victory in 2019 is an electoral impossibility'' - Doyin Okupe

  • Amen!! Lord Jesus.. The hungry fools around buhari will never tell him d truth because dey enjoy looting govt funds until he is disgraced out of office,then their eyes will open. How can some one who is around 80(75 is a lie,officially age) refuse tobretire? one thing I have come to realise from d society and in my personal life is that,once a man refuses to hid to the truth from his wife and kids, he is bound to have big issues. Buharis wife and zahra have admitted this man is a failure,why can't he respect himself and go take care of his cows at daura? And die peacefully. Greed and love for power.if he succeeds in rigging,God will surely disgrace him next yr cos this very bad leadership style can't continue. Smh

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