Emotional moment Uriel's mother acknowledges all the efforts her daughter puts into taking care of her (video)

  • Emotional moment Uriel

    Uriel's mother has battled a number of ailments, including cancer, stroke, and dementia, but she stays fighting with the support of her famous daughter, Uriel, and this effort doesn't go unnoticed by the woman.

    Uriel's mother, in a recent video, made it clear that though she suffers from dementia and sometimes is not aware of her surrounding, she notices the efforts Uriel Oputa makes towards caring for her.

    While being walked by her son, she said without prompt:

    She takes good care of me, she's a good daughter.

    In the video, her son was also seen reading the bible to her as they sat on a bench outdoors.

    Watch the touching video below.

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