Felabration 2018; Legend Extra Stout prepares to honour Fela at 80

  • Felabration 2018; Legend Extra Stout prepares to honour Fela at 80

    Folded fists in the air, bare torso, a partly painted face and signature tight trousers; a man greets a cheering crowd eager to hear him sing and have his queens move their energetic melanin bodies to the sound of his band. The crowd continues to cheer as he sings, and swings his body to different sides while stamping his left foot in rhythmic fashion, but those who know these stuff of Legends know that in those lyrics are clear messages for the people who need to hear them. The brevity of a man willing to tell his story in its truest form, and have fun while at it. That’s the man Fela was; that’s the Legend we remember.


    For 21 years, the world has tried in different ways to celebrate Baba’s music Legacy, and teach people what the man stood for, ensuring that we continue to fight the kind of battles he fought in largely better ways. By all ramifications, Felabration has become the most widely accepted of these platforms for celebrating all the great things that Fela stood for in the music industry.


    Felabration was initiated by Yeni Kuti, Fela’s first child, in 1998, a year after his death, to get the world closer to the Fela spirit. This annual music festival runs for a week with different events from the concert to the dance and symposium. As the years go by, the festival features a different theme and continues to grow with more licenses signed across the world by fans of Afrobeats and those who truly believe in who and what Fela was.


    In the week of Fela’s birthday, which is when the festival is usually held, people will gather under the theme “Overtaking, Overtake”, a line coined from the 1990 hit ODOO - Overtake Don Overtake Overtake.


    This year, Legend Extra Stout will be bringing the New Afrika Shrine and every other location in Lagos where people will gather not only to celebrate another edition of Felabration but Fela’s 80th birthday, alive with excitement and its unique bitter tasting stout. For Legend, this is more than just an event sponsorship but an expression of the brand’s DNA and core values, which includes, Authenticity, Courage and Freedom. Felabration provides the perfect opportunity for the brand to connect with young vibrant Nigerians who believes and have the courage to express their real selves.


    From October 15th until the 21st, fans will have the privilege to enjoy the richer taste of Legend Extra Stout as they celebrate afrobeat and reminisce the stories Fela told in his days and how they are still relevant in today’s world.


    Over the years, Legend Extra Stout has brought fanfare to music lovers with previous editions of Felabration and the Real Deal Experience. Fun seekers coming to celebrate the afrobeat king can do so in a relaxed environment where they can feel the richness of the Nigerian music and the amazing taste that Legend Extra Stout brings. Fela is a legend and will always be celebrated as one.


    Fans are expected in Lagos from around the world to honour the mark Fela made in the world music scene, as well as the inspiration he has given to younger talents coming out from Africa. In July, French President paid a visit to the Shrine to honour Fela, and there will be no surprise if he and other prominent persons like him join in the October celebrations, which will feature a symposium, debates, art exhibition, dance competition and a music concert.


    Some of the acts who have performed at the music concert include Femi Kuti, Asa, King Sunny Ade, 2Baba Lucky Dube, Nneka, Awilo Longomba, Lagbaja, Wizkid, Burna Boy and many more. A lot of fans will be looking out for moments like Wizkid’s electric performance with Femi Kuti in 2017.


    To find out more about Legend’s presence at Felabration, follow the brand on Twitter @LegendNG, instagram and Facebook, @LegendNigeria and join the conversation using the hashtag #FelabrationWithLegend.

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