How To Activate The Latest Airtel 23gb subscription Cheat Blazing Now

  • Hi guys, today I will be teaching your guy how I accumulated over 22000+mb
    Let's begin

    How To Activate  The Latest Airtel 23gb subscription Cheat Blazing Now
    1. Firstly, go to your message and Type "GET" without the quote then send it to 141 Wait for a good REPLY checkout the screenshot below  👇 👇 👇 

    If you don't get like the above 👆 👆 👆  kind of message then you are likely to get the below 👇 👇 down kind of message which is very bad.

    but not too bad cause I have a solution to the problem which is How  To Tweak Imei On An Android Phone After you've successfully done all of the above and you've gotten the CONGREGATIONS message.

    2. Then quickly BUY airtel airtime worth of 200h. Are you THERE? 
    3. Lastly, LOAD the card with this format... *143 *pin#......Boommmmmm

    You will get whooping 4-6GB. to check, DIAL *223#

    Note I've done this on 4 sims and I got the same result which means it will work on any Airtel SIM

    Repeat it by loading multiple N200 with the above stated format and don't worry your SIM will be active on double data bonus for the next 3 months that's how I accumulated 23gb with N1k

    Drop your comment below 👇 👇 👇 
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