'My IVF baby" Ufuoma McDermott says as she celebrates her son's 6th birthday

  • Ufuoma McDermott's first son, Isio McDermott turned 6 today and the actress celebrated him with a photo and a lovely tribute.

    #Isio @mcdermottkids
    My call to #Motherhood. My IVF baby. We seriously wanted twins but God decided it would be better for you to come first, then have a beautiful baby sister. You have been an absolute joy... ???... minus the time you talk too much, when you begin to ask incessant questions, when you hold on to the TV ? remote and refuse anyone else to touch it, when you barge into my room as if it’s yours, when they have to chase you round the house ? to eat your ? food, when you get upset with yourself for not hitting the tennis ? ball hard enough, when you clean my saliva off your checks after kissing you... #HappyBirthday son. You have given me 6 years of unhindered joy. I love you too much. #BirthdayBoy#1010 #CompleteJoy #Smart #Witty#Intelligent

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