#LagosAPCprimaries: Lady claims people were beaten for wanting to vote for Ambode in Shomolu(Video)

  • Dave about 2 hours ago

    Tinubu and Lagos APC elders in council supported open primary to enable them victimize anyone who would want to vote for Ambode or queue behind Ambode. In Alausa ward A,B,C and so one on, Ambode couldn't even score more more than 10 votes which translate that anyone that wants to vote for Ambode might see the red eyes of Tinubu and his cohort. Why is it that even Ambode's friends and vice couldn't even vote for him? The reason was because most of them are afraid of offending and his big hammer. I was somewhere in Iyana Ipaja yesterday, and we were discussing about the beleaguered Ambode and his rival, Sanwo-Olu, suddenly we saw one huge tout just showed up and asked me a question about the two contestant that would win in the primaries election. Immediately I also answered him rhetorically that I pray Ambode should win. Instantly he said "Ambode would never win because if he wins they might stop their yellow buses from plying Lagos state and as a union who is collecting stipend at the end of every week, how would he feed his two wives and their children". He also said that anyone found queuing behind Ambode would be stabbed. Now, how would Amode win the election since it has been hijacked by NURTW that are loyal to Amode. I commend the committee for cancelling the election in order to adopt secret ballot system of voting. With this system, we will see that so many people will vote for Ambode even though he may not win the primaries election.

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