Teacher, 34, gets a life ban for marrying a 13-year-old girl three days after he met her

  • Teacher, 34, gets a life ban for marrying a 13-year-old girl three days after he met her

    A physics teacher has been banned from the profession for life for marrying a 13-year-old girl he had met three days earlier.

    Joshim Nur, now 34, who started working at the London Nautical School in June 2006, married the girl in Bangladesh later that summer. He was 22 when he married the girl, according to The Times. 

    A Teaching Regulation Authority disciplinary panel in Coventry ruled that Nur had engaged in a sexual relationship with the girl between August 2006 and April 2009, when he should have known that she was under 16.

    He claimed that he had been deceived by her family and thought she was 18, but the panel saw a written statement from the child, who was referred to as Child A, in which she said that she spoke with Nur three days before their arranged marriage and told him her age.

    The girl made a complaint to the police in 2013, and her real age was established in Family Court proceedings in 2014. The panel said that the girl’s account had been consistent in her complaint, police interview and the disciplinary proceedings and that they found her evidence compelling.

    Robert Crawley, chairman of the panel, said: “The panel did not find it plausible that Mr. Nur could have mistaken a 13-year-old child for an 18-year-old, and that this misconception continued over a four-year period. 

    According to him, the panel was particularly concerned in light of the fact that he worked in a secondary school and had daily interactions with children of this age.

    “Mr Nur did not demonstrate any insight into his actions or their impact on Child A.”

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